Meet keynote speaker Delia Grace

With the global population set to hit 10 billion by 2050, feeding the planet has become the most pressing issue of our time. Delia Grace will present a thought-provoking plenary, informed by experience working in developing countries, during Food Security Day on May 9.

Dr Delia Grace is a veterinarian and epidemiologist with over 20-years experience working in developing countries. She holds degrees from the National University of Ireland, Edinburgh University, the Free University Berlin and Cornell University. Her key research interest is food safety in the domestic markets of developing countries. She leads research on zoonoses and foodborne disease at the International Livestock Research Institute in Kenya and the CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Human Nutrition and Health.

Dr Grace will present on One Health in the Public Health Stream. She will also share her insights about the inextricable links between food safety and food security, with examples from low and middle-income countries, in a plenary session on Thursday May 9.