Want to know more about the links between physical and mental health in your patients?

International keynote speaker Gonçarlo da Graça Pereira will explore the links between physical disease and behaviour in cats, including those geriatric feline patients who keep their owners up all night. Learn how to help owners socialise kittens appropriately and optimise their environments for lifelong wellbeing, as well as the management of noise reactivity in dogs.

Australian Veterinary Behaviour Specialists Kersti Seksel and Jacqui Ley will discuss topics ranging from emotional development in dogs and reading canine body language to behavioural considerations when anaesthetising older patients, the effect of trauma on the brain, what to do when training doesn’t seem to be working and those dreaded dogs who don’t like anyone. 

Enjoy a casual dinner with members of the Australian Veterinary Behaviour Interest Group (AVBIG) on Wednesday 8 May.

Earn an additional 6 VetEd points while you improve the welfare of your future patients by attending the Australian Veterinary Behaviour Interest Group (AVBIG) workshop on Friday 10 May. Improve your companion animal handling skills, learn how to recognise and reduce fear and anxiety in your patients, reduce the iatrogenic harms of hospitalisation, and practice handling skills to reduce stress. Registration includes transport to the venue.

You can view the full Behaviour stream overview here.