4CYTE™ - why all the talk and excitement within the Veterinary profession?

4CYTE™ has become a brand widely spoken about in the Australian Veterinary community and also in the wider pet owner forums. This has been largely due to the outstanding results being achieved in a diverse number of applications where nutraceuticals have not traditionally been seen as effective treatments.

4CYTE™ is the second flagship product to come from Interpath Pty Ltd, a family owned Australian company who were responsible for the launch of one of the very first registered canine nutraceuticals in Sashas™ Blend. After nearly 20 years of working with and researching marine actives, Interpath has established an intimate expertise on the effective use of these ingredients as functional treatments especially in cellular and tissue inflammation.

4CYTE™ is unique in that it is powered by the exclusive active ingredient, EPIITALIS®. Epiitalis® is a plant derived active that has been put through a proprietary extraction method enabling the active structure to become extremely bioavailable when orally consumed. Epiitalis® is patented to:

  • Actively stimulate the proliferation of chondrocytes, which ‘tips the balance’, back in favour of the production of healthy cartilage instead of degeneration.
  • Supress central inflammatory mediator PGE2. Which may help relieve symptoms such as inflammation and pain.

4CYTE™ has been developed using evidence-based research with the product safety and efficacy validated through in-vitro, in-vivo and clinical trials with both Equine and Canine cohorts. Endorsed by many leading Australian and International veterinarians and surgeons, 4CYTE™ has become a key tool within the Veterinary profession for both the treatment and prevention of joint disease and trauma.

Unlike many other products currently on the market, 4CYTE™ is backed by product-specific world class research including in-vivo, in-vitro and clinical studies in dogs, cats and horses, that have been peer-reviewed and published internationally in leading journals, giving confidence to Veterinarians and end users that the product works. 4CYTE™ is a powerful new generation approach for the treatment and prevention of joint disease that breaks from tradition and is challenging current treatment protocols including long-term Non-Steroidal (NSAIDs) use.

So confident with the products capabilities Interpath offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE whenever the product is recommended to a client by a Veterinarian. Diagnosis of the injury/issue is paramount and Interpath understand that not every case associated with joint injury or a lame pet will require or be best treated by 4CYTE™.

4CYTE represents a major breakthrough from traditional joint health products, which, in the past, were often limited to simply pain relief and symptom management. 4CYTE™ has been developed based on the ideal approach to the treatment of joint health addressing the clinical signs and modifying the degeneration process by reversing and repairing the pathological process that is occurring within the animals painful joint(s).

The 4CYTE™ product range includes:

  • 4CYTE Canine with Epiitalis®: A granulated feed additive that contains Epiitalis® along with the marine actives Green Shelled Mussel, Abalone and Marine Cartilage. This also have a nature identical roast chicken flavouring.
  • 4CYTE™ Equine with Epiitalis®: A granulated feed additive that contains Epiitalis® along with the marine actives Green Shelled Mussel, Abalone and Marine Cartilage. This also has a raspberry and molasses flavouring.
  • 4CYTE™ Equine Epiitalis® Forte: an oral gel feed additive with standalone purified Epiitalis®.

Interpath is an innovative and progressive business that continues to re-invest into the research and development of new products that don’t just mask symptoms instead treating the underlying disease processes. This commitment to the Veterinary profession will again be demonstrated with the pending launch early in 2019 of a new clinically researched addition to the 4CYTE™ Canine family.

The range is exclusively available at Provet. For more information please contact your local Provet Customer Service Team: Provet 4CYTE™ Product Page