If you’re for people, animals and the environment, dive into the public health stream

International keynote speaker Delia Grace, an epidemiologist and veterinarian, will provide an international perspective on One Health, with a focus on the role of veterinarians. Local speakers include Kate Wingett, Cassandra Wittwer, Stuart Skirving, Michael Dhar, Phil Brunner, Ray Batey. Angela Willemsen, Guy Weerasinghe, Ben Madin, Meghan Bruce, Michelle Rodan, Emily Sellens, Hasanthi Abeykoon, Bruce Watt, Megan Curnow, Wilma Vosloo, Tabita Tan and Simon Firestone.

Thursday 9 May is food security day, covering Australia’s role in a global effort, and conserving biodiversity. Speakers include Robyn Alders, Adam Ward, international keynote Donald Broom (UK), John Kanowski and Chief Veterinary Officer Mark Schipp. Delia Grace will present a plenary session on food security and emerging infectious diseases.

After Happy Hour, let the networking continue at the Australian Veterinarians in Public Health, Australian Veterinary Conservation Biology and Australian Veterinary History Society combined dinner on Tuesday 7 May. Join friends and colleagues for a relaxed evening of pub grub and cool beer in the Windsor Hotel garden. This venue is relaxing ferry ride across the Swan River from the Convention Centre.

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