Do you work with sheep, camelids or goats?

The Sheep, Camelid and Goat stream kicks off on Monday with a suite of how-to sessions: from decision making and problem solving to trouble-shooting trace-elements and diagnostic approaches to disease. Learn more about reducing faecal worm egg counts and parasite management, find out the latest on virtual herding technology and find out how you can assess pain in sheep. Don’t miss sessions on antimicrobial stewardship, exploring the current Australian situation and legal implications for prescribing. Find out more about the roles of vets in the sheep industry, improving lamb survival, parasite management and analgesia for lamb marking.

This is the perfect opportunity to hear from local experts including Helen McGregor, Peter Windsor, Brown Besier, Susan Swaney, Nicole Schembri, Colin Trengove, Danila Marini, Jenny Hanks, Serina Hancock, Phil Brunner, Ray Batey, Caroline Jacobson, Andrew Thompson and Alison Small. Bring your questions along. View the full Sheep, Camelid & Goat stream here

Food Security Day on Thursday, 9 May, provides a big-picture overview of the role of Australia’s animal industries.

Keep the conversation going at the combined Australian Cattle Veterinarians and Sheep, Camelid and Goat Veterinarians annual dinner on Wednesday May 8. Enjoy a casual evening at the Lucky Shag Waterfront Bar, with substantial canapes including sliders and pizzas.