Want to learn more about treating unusual pets and avian patients?

The unusual pets stream runs on Monday 6 May and Tuesday 7 May. International keynote speaker Jerzy Gawor will tackle the challenges of dental diagnosis and treatment in rabbits and rodents, including a walk-through of the most common rabbit dental conditions.

Hear from the who’s who of Australian-based Unusual Pet and Avian Veterinarians as they share their clinical pearls about managing common conditions in less common species. Local speakers include Bob Doneley (avian surgery), Courtney Dunne (reproductive disease in chickens), Jane Wesson (sunshine virus in pythons), Nicole Su (distinguishing between hypomotility and obstruction in rabbits), Kelly Giles (the neurological rabbit), Gerry Skinner (abnormal faeces in rabbits), Annabelle Olsson (sea horse and axolotl medicine and husbandry), Anne Fowler (water quality in freshwater turtles) and Mike Cannon (common avian presentations).

Come one day early and enjoy the Unusual Pet and Avian Veterinarians Perth Zoo Field Trip. Kicking off at 9am on Sunday May 5, this behind-the-scenes tour of Perth Zoo Hospital will be led by resident veterinarian Simone Vitali. Network with fellow Unusual and Avian Vets and hear about fascinating cases. Registration includes bus transfers to and from the Zoo from the Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre. Registration for students, Unusual Pet and Avian Veterinarians members and their guests is just $50.

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