What is work life balance and how can we achieve it?

Nigel Marsh is the author of “Fat, Forty and Fired: One Man’s Frank, Funny and Inspiring Account of Losing his Job and Finding his Life.” Don’t be fooled by the title of its sequel, “Overworked and Underlaid”, for Nigel is optimistic about the future. His third book? “Fit, Fifty, and Fired Up.”

His Ted talk, How to Make Work: Life Balance Work, had been viewed over 4 million times.

He is the co-founder of Earth Hour, a global, energy-saving movement that engages 162 countries, and founder of the Sydney Skinny, a fundraising skinny dip now in its 7th year.

Nigel also has over30 years’ experience working in the corporate sector as a management consultant and communications specialist, with organisations such as McDonalds, Canon, Virgin and Mars, to governments and local enterprises. Nigel has worked with organisations to tackle big issues, from HIV, drink-driving, smoking and climate change. He has a knack for developing internal and external responses to unique challenges companies and organisations face.

Nigel has been the CEO of advertising agencies D’Arcy and Leo Burnett, Regional Group CEO of Y&R Brands ANZ, Chairman of the Leading Edge and Partner at Growth Mantra.

Nigel will deliver a plenary talk on Work Life Balance: The Myths, the Lessons and the Responsibilities on Monday, May 6, at 10.45am.