Points & CPD

VetEd points

The AVA Annual Conference offers delegates 25 hours of continuing professional development over the full week.

To have your attendance at the conference recognised for VetEd points, you must include your AVA membership number when registering for the conference for automatic awarding of the points to your VetEd statement.

Delegates can earn extra points by attending one of the post-conference workshops and field trips, or by completing trials at the National Veterinary Examination stand.

VetEd points are correct at the time of printing, however, points are subject to change without notice.

  • Sunday & Monday  - 6 points
  • Tuesday - 7 points
  • Wednesday - 6 points
  • Thursday - 6 points

Provet PLUS points

Delegates may use Provet PLUS points but must check they have sufficient points available prior to registering. You must have sufficient points to cover the full registration. Part payment is not accepted.

Delegate/attendee steps to claiming Provet PLUS points

  1. Complete AVA conference registration online and pay.
  2. You will receive a tax invoice/receipt sent to your nominated email address (check your junk mail if it has not arrived in your inbox).
  3. Attendee to email a copy of tax invoice/receipt and a copy of the completed Provet Plus form to marketing@provet.com.au
  4. Provet Marketing will process redemption from nominated Provet PLUS account (Please note: Provet will only be able to process redemption if the customer has enough points).
  5. Provet accounts team will reimburse the attendee by direct deposit to the nominated bank account.