Submitting a News article

Got something for the Australian Veterinary Journal News section?

Here is what we are looking for when you submit your article:

  • Editorial emphasis on ‘news’ or information relevant to the veterinary profession. This could include reports of member activities, legislative issues, exotic diseases, awards and other matters of interest to members.
  • Submissions ranging from 500–900 words.
  • Images, if available (that are at least 300dpi at 8.6cm across), a caption, and the name of the photographer. You also need permission from the people in the photograph for their picture to be used.

Please note:

  • Editorial decisions will be made by the Editor in Chief.
  • All articles will be edited for style, content and length.
  • Commercial content with important general interest or relevance will be edited to minimise promotional text and to emphasise appropriate informational content.
  • Submissions that poorly reflect on the AVA, promote commercial agendas or are relevant to only a small number of readers will not be considered.

Send your submissions to

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