2020 EVA / ANZCVSc Clinical Papers Session


Clinical Papers

We have had multiple requests for the opportunity for people to present clinical papers this year so we have decided to go ahead with the 2020 EVA / ANZCVSc Clinical Papers session. We feel this is especially important for some of our higher education candidates that may have had international presentation arrangements cancelled or postponed.

We encourage all members of your team to consider applying as the annual prizes will be on offer.
The format will differ from previous years for obvious reasons.

  • Abstract format and submission guidelines will be the same as previous years
  • The presentation time will be limited to 7 mins with 3 mins question time
  • The presenter will be asked to be available at a specific time slot (likely the first week of July) to present their abstract online, with a screen sharing option to allow visualisation of the presenters PowerPoint presentation. The convener will record this online presentation.
  • The recording will go live during the AVA VetFest (online AVA conference) equine stream lecture series to be delivered in July.
    The presenter will be given the details of their time slot during VetFest (as it is made available to us) and will be required to attend in a video link up to answer questions from the audience after their presentation has played.
  • The question session will be recorded and combined with the presentation to be reviewed by a panel of judges as would normally occur at Bain Fallon

The deadline for abstract submission in the 15th of MAY, 2020.

Please submit abstracts to: elaine.robertson@ava.com.au