Joint Injection and Nerve Block Wetlab



Earn up to 9 CPD points.

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Dr Hadley Willsallen BVSc, MANZCVSc, DACVS-LA Registered Specialist in Equine Surgery, this excellent wetlab will be presented by a range  of specialist demonstrators.

Sunday 17 July, 9.00am - 4.30pm University of Melbourne, Parkville Victoria.  Campus Equipment provided.


  • Equine nerve block and joint injection technique descriptions, interpretation, misinterpretation, and what can go wrong?
  • Perineural and joint injections of the fore and hindlimbs
  • Now I can put a needle in it, what medication should I use?
  • Diagnosis of wound communication with synovial structures and/or septic synovial cavities and how to manage in the field with lavage techniques and local antimicrobials.


Attendees will refresh and review perineural and intrasynovial diagnostic anaesthesia of the limb including considerations when deciding on what technique and local anaesthetic agent or intra-articular medication to use.

The wetlab will be very hands-on, working in pairs with a cadaver fore and hindlimb.  There will be a high ratio of circulating specialists to allow plenty of opportunity to practice and master the injections and review anatomy. Synovial communication with wounds, identifying septic joints and lavage techniques in the field will be practiced. Collaborative and open discussions between instructors and attendees on clinical experiences and preferences will be encouraged.


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Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea included. Places are limited


Commence at 9AM

9:00-9:45 Orientation and lecture

Joint and nerve blocks technique descriptions, interpretation, misinterpretation and what can go wrong  Dr Nick Kannegieter

9:45-10:00  Coffee

10:00-12:00 Forelimb perineural and joint injections every 30 mins presentation of next blocks Dr Hadley Willsallen

* PD, Abaxial, low 4 point, high 4 point, local infiltration proximal suspensory, wheat block, median & ulnar

* DIPJ, NB, PIPJ, DFTS, fetlock, middle and radiocarpal joints  

12:00-12:45 Lunch

12:45- 1:45 Lecture and Panel Discussion

Diagnosis/treatment of septic synovial structure in the field Dr Hadley Willsallen

Panel Discussion; What to medicate joints with? Outline Dr Albert Sole Guitart

1:45-2:00 Coffee

2:00-4:00 Hindlimb perineural and joint injections

* PD, abaxial, low 6 point, deep branch of the plantar lateral nerve, tibial peroneal

* DIPJ, NB, PIPJ, DFTS, fetlock, TMTJ,+/- DITJ, tibiotarsal joint, +/-tarsal sheath/calcaneal bursa

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