Become a student volunteer at the conference!


Being a volunteer at the Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures is hard work, but extremely rewarding! It provides students like you with an invaluable opportunity to meet and network with top Australian and international veterinary professionals.

Students must be members of Equine Veterinarians Australia at the time of submitting their application.

As a Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures student volunteer, you will receive:

  • The opportunity to network with top Australian and international veterinarians
  • Complimentary registration and attendance to lectures (duties permitting)
  • Complimentary registration to social events;
  • All meals (morning and afternoon tea, lunch and dinner) will be provided free of charge throughout the conference

Deadline and other details

Applicants who can attend the full week will have priority over those who cannot. Late applications will not be accepted without prior discussion.

If you have any questions, email

Apply to be a student volunteer