Vets can easily create welfare plans for their clients using similar technology to the very popular ACV program, BIOCHECK®.


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Australian Cattle Vet members provide crucial services to agricultural producers who feed the country. We also play a key role in disease surveillance, securing our quarantine status and protecting ongoing productivity. 

  • MyCattleVet is a website containing information for cattle producers about the services and expert advice Australian Cattle Vet members can offer. You can also search the list of ACV PREGCHECK® and BULLCHECK® accredited veterinarians.
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BIOCHECK® Biosecurity Plan

BIOCHECK® is a program run by members of the Australian Cattle Veterinarians - a special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association Ltd.

The BIOCHECK® Biosecurity plan is designed to ensure that the farm has considered the major biosecurity risks and has appropriate risk management strategies in place.

The plan is largely based on the generic Biosecurity Plans that are available from the Animal Health Australia Farm Biosecurity website, and should be read in conjunction with the resources that can be downloaded from

This plan is not an audited quality assurance program nor is it a guarantee against incursion by pests or disease. Rather it is evidence that the major biosecurity risks have been discussed and plans made to manage these which are appropriate to the individual farm.

Each risk is discussed and evaluated as per the below options. Where appropriate, comments can be included that describe how that property is managing the risks identified.



Biosecurity Q&A's

Do water courses need to be fenced to have a biosecurity plan signed off by a vet for JBas?
No – the cost of fencing water courses would be prohibitive, however discussions of these risks and how to mitigate them are entirely appropriate.

Does water testing on a property need to occur?

Do you need signage on every access point to the property?
No – whilst it is advisable to put biosecurity awareness signs on entry points to a property, it is not a necessity.  It can be advised from a risk mitigation viewpoint but is up to the producer.

Does having a risk creator close by (eg a dairy) mean that a vet can’t sign off on a Biosecurity plan?
No – the vet discusses the risks with the producer and signs off that this discussion has occurred, rather than any form of guarantee against those risks.

Do producers need to use BIOCHECK for JBas?
No – any type of biosecurity plan template can be used.

Remember – Vets discuss the risks with producers, it is up to the producer as to what they do to minimise their own risks.

Download Biosecurity Q&A's​


Sample BIOCHECK® Biosecurity Plan

Download the sample BIOCHECK® Biosecurity Plan


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