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Saturday 13 November 2021, 7:30am for 8:00am - 8:55am, Panorama Room 2

Unlocking the power of a positive team culture.
Presented by Kate Thiele

Kate’s journey has led her to understand the power in valuing ourselves without judgement and without comparison. She will share with us valuable insights on understanding our self-worth and respecting and encouraging that in our teams.

How many times do we measure ourselves against unrealistic expectations? Positive self-worth helps you feel better about yourself and the work you do, and is essential for maximising work performance, achieving success and improving overall quality of life. Deloitte’s research states that over 88% of leaders and employees believe a distinct and effective culture is important to business success.

Kate will explore how we can reset our perceptions of self-worth and foster a workplace where people feel valued and respected.

Sunday 14 November 2021. 7.30am for 8.00am-8.55am, Panorama Room 2

Topic: The trials and tribulations of treating allergic skin disease in dogs and how nutrition can help

How do you choose the best nutritional choice for itchy dogs?

Want some fresh insights into managing canine atopy and food allergies?

Come and hear what Australian vets, nurses and dermatologists have to say about this challenging area of dermatology and learn about an innovative new diet that could revolutionise your approach to these patients

Register - South Australia

Registrations close 10 November - don't miss out!