Sponsors & Exhibitors (Trade directory)


Platinum Partner

Provet was established by a group of veterinarians who shared a common vision for the veterinary profession, to provide the veterinary industry with a resource to help veterinarians run better businesses and strengthen the profession through reinvesting proceeds into the industry professional bodies. Over 35 years on the vision continues to be realised. Provet is committed to giving back to the industry to ensure its continued growth. We are proud of our long association and value our relationships with the veterinary professional bodies through our industry sponsorships including; our Platinum Education Partnership with the AVA and EVA - Bain Fallon Platinum Sponsor, AVA Conference Platinum Sponsor, ASAV Conference Platinum Sponsor, VBG Summit Gold Sponsor and numerous other sponsorships and associations. Covetrus is a global animal-health company dedicated to empowering veterinary practices. We combine products, services, and technology into a single platform that connects our customers to the solutions and insights they need to grow.


Gold Partners

For over 20 years, Guild Insurance has partnered with the AVA to protect independent Australian businesses and practicing vets, meaning we offer insurance policies tailored for your profession. By working together with the AVA, we ensure that our insurance options cover the unique needs of small animals, cattle and equine vets, plus anything in between. We also offer a range of services to make sure you’re well prepared and equipped, such as free tools and resources at RiskHQ, our risk management platform accessible at any time for your benefit. Contact our veterinary insurance experts today on 1800 810 213.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has been associated with the global veterinary industry for more than 70 years. Engagement with and support of the veterinary industry is at the heart of how Hill’s operates.

Hill’s is committed to its mission to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets. Hill’s produces high quality, great tasting pet food that owners can trust and give to their canine and feline companions as recommended by their veterinary health care team. The bond between pets, their owners and their veterinary health care team is at the heart of the Hill’s mission. The right nutrition, combined with the dedication of veterinary professionals, can transform the lives of pets; happier, healthier pets can transform the lives of pet owners. Hill’s believes that nutrition is the cornerstone of veterinary medicine and that veterinary professionals are the people best placed to provide nutritional advice to pet owners. Hill’s is committed to pioneering research and ground-breaking nutrition for dogs and cats based on a scientific understanding of their specific needs. Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ therapeutic pet foods, Hill’s™ Science Diet™, Science Diet™ VetEssentials™ and Hill’s™ Ideal Balance™ wellness pet foods are sold through veterinarians and pet specialty retailers worldwide. 

ROYAL CANIN® is a global leader in pet health nutrition. Since its establishment in France in 1968, ROYAL CANIN® has maintained a unique philosophy of putting cats and dogs first through precise and individualised nutrition.

Underpinned by science and observation, our innovative nutrition solutions take into account breed, size, age, lifestyle, weight, gender, digestion, health condition and genetic makeup to provide the most effective diet for each cat and dog.

The value Royal Canin provides veterinary clinics has evolved beyond nutrition. Delivering health through nutrition is what drives us. Our aim is to transform each cat and dog's health and wellbeing by creating premium, complete and balanced nutritional solutions, and supporting our veterinary partners in making nutritional recommendations through our knowledge and service tools and now our new diagnostic aid and monitoring tools.

Troy Animal Healthcare is an Australian owned company with a long history and a proven track record when it comes to servicing the needs of the animal healthcare communities in Australia, New Zealand and across the globe. Troy is a significant investor in the Animal Healthcare Industry and employs a wide range of personnel in the areas of manufacturing, quality control, warehousing, administration, sales and marketing. We are focused on delivering better outcomes and affordable animal healthcare solutions by working in meaningful partnerships with all our customers, business partners and stakeholders. Established 60 years ago by a group of Australian Veterinarians, our organisation is committed to delivering innovative, high quality, affordable animal healthcare solutions which meet the challenging and changing needs of veterinary professionals and animal owners. Our search for better clinical outcomes has been the source of our growth and has been critical to our success.  

Vets Choice insurance for pets is endorsed by the AVA and backed by a 20-year partnership with Guild Insurance. Our aim is to promote responsible pet ownership and increase the number of Australian pets who are protected by insurance. Vets Choice is independent of all other pet insurance companies currently in the market, and the only insurer endorsed by the AVA. Vets Choice understands that pets weren’t chosen for their good sense, predictability and rational thinking. They were chosen for their companionship, silliness and loving nature. They don’t want your pet to change, they just want to protect them as they are.

Contact details: https://vetschoice.net.au and vetschoice@guildinsurance.com.au

Zoetis has a proud heritage having helped Australian veterinarians deliver better standards of care for over 75 years.

Our goal is to make our products, services and people the most valued by veterinarians and in doing so support you across the continuum of care: prevent, detect and treat.

In late 2018 we combined Abaxis VetScan into the Zoetis offering, expanding the support we can now offer you to include comprehensive in-house diagnostics.

Abaxis VetScan is a welcomed addition to our small animal and equine portfolio that also includes ProHeart SR-12, Apoquel, Cytopoint, Convenia, Cerenia, Revolution, Simparica, Rimadyl, Clavulox, Equivac and Canvac.

We look forward to continuing to directly support you and your clinic with a portfolio that helps you make a positive difference in the lives of your patients.


Silver Partners

Jurox, based in the Hunter Valley, Australia, is a family owned veterinary pharmaceutical company that manufactures in excess of 120 proprietary animal health products with teams across Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States.

From our humble beginnings, with a small family team, to now as a truly global business making world-class products such as Alfaxan Multidose, it is the helping hands of our people that have always set us apart.

Whether it's in the clinic, at the farm gate, at the end of the phone or online, Jurox are Your Animal Health People.


Bronze Partners

Founded in 2014, our goal is to design and manufacture innovative, functional and targeted Australian pet food.

We are an independent 100% Australian owned & made pet food manufacturer based in Melbourne.

In 2019 Prime100 took on a whole new look and structure. Primarily, by purpose building a brand new manufacturing plant in Melbourne with all new specialized plant and equipment. In May 2021, Prime100 has received a $100 million investment to expand our range with new product development and export our products to Europe and America.

We are a young, dynamic and invested team with a love of animals. We work together to introduce new, innovative and functional products to the Australian market. This ensures that both Veterinary professionals, and consumers, have truly functional diets that can assist dogs and cats with low to acute food sensitivities. Prime100 is proud to work in partnership with veterinary specialists and scientists from leading Universities and dedicated facilities. Our collaboration with these industry experts from Murdoch UniversityMelbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre & Western Australia Veterinary Emergency and Speciality (WAVES) ensures our diets continue to evolve with scientific research which meets the needs and standards of pets.
Recent years have proven to be very exciting for the progression of Prime100. Partnering with industry specialists has allowed us to produce an extensive range of Single Protein Diets and treats, our RAW food range and ZeroG range. These diets provide functional and therapeutic options for veterinary specialists to treat numerous indications.



ADM Protexin Limited is part of the ADM Nutrition division. Based in Somerset, UK, the company offers innovative, research based, natural healthcare and probiotic supplements for human, pet and production-animal use with distribution in over 80 countries. ADM Protexin Ltd are the developer and manufacturer of UK marketleading products such as Pro-Kolin+ and Synbiotic DC, and are leading experts in the field of veterinary probiotics.


The Australian Veterinary Association – providing a united voice for the veterinary profession for over 100 years. 
Today, representing more than 8,500 members, we are committed to championing and empowering the veterinary profession to thrive by providing a voice, education, community and support. 
Your voice – focussing on advocacy for the profession, we regularly meet with government and industry stakeholders, and members of parliament to represent the views of our members, developing and implementing strategies to address the issues that matter to the profession, including workforce issues, animal health and welfare, veterinary legislation and biosecurity. 

Your education – facilitating continuous learning and growth throughout your career, the AVA delivers a range of veterinary education across the country and continues to be one of the leading providers of veterinary CPD in Australia.  
Your community – providing a supportive framework to enable social and professional connection and bring us together on important issues.
Your support – providing a Veterinary Health and Wellness Framework to secure a thriving and sustainable future for the profession. 

For over 30 years, BOQ Specialist has been Australia’s leading financial services partner for veterinary professionals. During this time, we have developed a deep understanding of the unique financial needs of vets and have designed a distinctive range of products and services to suit. Whether you require personal banking products or business solutions for your practice, we will work closely with you to help you achieve your personal and professional ambitions. For more information call 1300 131 141 or visit www.boqspecialist.com.au/veterinary

Bova are specialists in veterinary compounding. Bova has over 800 active pharmaceutical ingredients and over 38,000 formulations in its formulary. Over the last 14 years, Bova have been dedicated to providing all vets an exceptional service whilst focusing resources on offering the highest quality medications at an affordable price and in a timely manner to help strengthen compliance by pet owners.

The quality of a compounded medication is a vital component of a successful clinical outcome. Only high-quality medications, free from contamination by bacteria or other medications can be expected to result in consistent therapeutic outcomes.

Quality is Core. Not all veterinary compounded products are created equal. You’ll only know
you have a quality issue when it’s too late. With Bova you can have confidence.

Dermcare-Vet is a 100% Australian owned and operated company founded in 1981 by Professor Ken Mason. Professor Mason was the first veterinarian in Australia to be registered as a specialist Veterinary Dermatologist. We are a 100% research and development company, focusing on high quality products developed for specific veterinary dermatological purposes.

Greencross Vets supplies world-class veterinary care and are passionate about developing and supporting our Vet teams in practice. We have the professional resources, training, learning platforms, scholarships and support structures to ensure you are able to reach your goals and are well supported on your career path journey. We are also dedicated to providing flexible work options and “Return To Work” up-skilling programs for those that are looking for new opportunities with the Greencross Vets team.

Heska is dedicated to quality pet care. Through innovation, invention, and strategic partnerships with worldwide leaders in diagnostics and treatments, Heska provides the benefits of the latest generation technologies to pet healthcare providers. Heska’s range of complete blood diagnostic solutions include Chemistry, Haematology, Electrolytes, Immunodiagnostics and Heartworm testing. Treatments and testing include Immunotherapy and complete Allergy solutions.

We are dedicated to the idea that diagnostics can be provided more accurately and more
affordably, allowing veterinarians to invest those hard earned and saved dollars back into
their patients, staff, and hospitals. For this reason, Heska created “Reset”… a program that provides accurate, better and faster blood testing at 40% less cost than with other competitive in-house lab solutions. REAL customers are experiencing REAL savings, using equipment they love with results they can trust. That’s the Heska way.

iM3 celebrates over 29 years in Veterinary dentistry with an enviable reputation for quality dental products and superior after sales support.

We love what we do! We design, build and service all of our equipment. The iM3 name is your guarantee of advanced technology, unique features and quality workmanship.

Our large involvement in CE throughout the world means the iM3 Team responsible for the development of new products also know how to use them! Veterinarians have the opportunity to experience “hands on” training with our entire range!
From three locations in Sydney, Australia “HQ”, Vancouver WA, USA and Co Meath, Ireland (Europe), iM3 supplies veterinarians throughout the world with high quality yet affordable veterinary dental products. The CR7 dental x-ray image plate scanner with a huge range of benefits continues to lead the market, and NOW the launch of the NEW “Vet-Tome” visit our stand for more details!

Vetlink Employment Service are specialists in veterinary recruitment. Locum and permanent placements are made in Australia, New Zealand, Canada the UK and other countries. Our clients include private practices, animal health companies, governments, universities, and animal welfare organisations. Dr Mark Eagleton BVMS is the owner of Vetlink and has 20 years’ recruiting experience.

VetPartners is a group of over 125 independent community veterinary hospitals. When you join VetPartners, your practice retains its heritage, brand and culture. We want your clients and staff to experience the same great service they get today. With clinics in Australia and New Zealand, we believe that the vision for veterinary medicine should be cultivated at each practice. We are interested in growing, and looking to buy more exceptional practices to add to the team. If you’re interested in “joining us and staying you” and removing some of the risk and burden of practice ownership, let’s have a chat.

Vets Beyond Borders (VBB), an Australianbased, not-for-profit organisation was established 2003. Our volunteer vets and vet nurses work with communities overseas and in Australia bringing animal and public health programs to these regions through our programs:

VetMatch - connects volunteer vets with partner organisations in Australia and overseas.

VetTrain - provides clinical training to vets working on animal birth control and anti-rabies
(ABC-AR) projects; also offering training in a range of clinical topics to vets working with
animal welfare projects around the globe.

AVERT (Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team) – VBB maintains national database of experienced veterinary personnel prepared to assist in the event of natural disasters or emergency animal disease (EAD) outbreaks in Australia.

Community Education – Promotes the close association between animals and humans and the need to respect animals. Visiting local schools and communities, teaching the benefits of basic animal health care, how to behave around animals, stay safe and avoid disease.

Virbac is the largest independent company worldwide exclusively dedicated to animal health.

Virbac is proud to support the veterinary profession with a large range of quality and innovative pharmaceuticals which provide unique benefits to veterinarians and pet owners. Virbac produces Suprelorin, the medical alternative to surgical castration and new parasiticide Milpro, with a palatable film coated easy to give tablet for dogs and cats.

Virbac also has a dermatology range (Cortavance, EasOtic and EpiOtic), Canigen and Feligen Vaccines, BackHome Microchips and the dental product, Hexarinse, a palatable chlorhexidine mouth rinse.

Come and our visit stand, to learn about Milpro and how you can utilise Suprelorin to meet your client’s needs. There will be a competition and staff with commercial and technical expertise will be available to show you new products and discuss how we can work with you to build your business with our range of products and services.