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Finding information on the website

If you’re a member of any one of the AVA’s 19 Groups, ensure you’re logged in and visit the Member Hub located in the menu and navigate to My AVA Groups.

Alternatively, visit this page and ensure that you’re logged in. 

Recorded webinars are available and can be found in the member-only Group pages, which you can access here if you are logged in and are a member of a Group. 

If you’re an AVA member, you can access a number of member-only helplines and discounts available in your Member Hub area here.

You can view further information on this page.

Ensure you’re logged in and visit the Member Hub and navigate to VetSuccess, or you can also access VetSuccess here.

Using the website

If you’re not logged in and need to change your password, select Login from the menu and Forgot your password.

If you know your password and just want to reset it, visit My AVA and ensure you’re logged in, or you can also access My AVA here.

Visit My AVA and ensure you’re logged in, or you can also access My AVA here.


Media releases can be viewed here where you can also contact the AVA’s media team.

PetFAST submissions can only be made by veterinarians. You can view more information or submit a report here.

Continuing professional development (CPD) providers can apply to have their CPD events assessed by the AVA, and if successful, their activities will be recognised for VetEd points and listed on the comprehensive list of AVA CPD events.

More information for external providers is available on this page.

You can view the options for sponsorship and advertising with the AVA here.

Contact the AVA

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