COVID Safe Plan and Worker Permits


COVID Safe Plan

Under Stage 4 restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne, there are new requirements for businesses that are permitted to continue to operate. Businesses that remain operational are required by law to have a COVID Safe Plan.  The purpose of the COVID Safe Plan is to protect your workers, customers and visitors and to prepare for a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace.

This applies to all businesses that have 5 or more employees.  Businesses in regional Victoria are not required to have a COVID Safe Plan (as not currently under Stage 4 restrictions).  Your COVID Safe Plan must be completed by 11.59pm on Friday 7th August.

Your COVID Safe Plan should be reviewed regularly (especially if restrictions are amended).  You are not required to lodge your COVID Safe Plan with the Victorian Government but you may be required to provide your COVID Safe Plan to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) upon request or in the event of a confirmed positive case at your workplace.  There will be random business spot checks to ensure COVID Safe Plans are in place.

Your COVID Safe Plan must set out:

  • Your actions to help prevent the introduction of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace
  • The level of face-covering or personal protective equipment (PPE) required for your workforce
  • How you will prepare for, and respond to, a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace
  • How you will meet all of the requirements set out by the Victorian Government. Some higher-risk industries or workplaces have additional requirements of employers and employees.

Once your COVID Safe Plan is completed, it should be shared with your staff and any health and safety representatives to your business.

Fact sheets, guidance and a template to create your COVID Safe Plan can be found on the Business Victoria website (link via button below).  Any queries regarding COVID Safe Plans should be directed to Business Victoria's hotline - 13 22 15.

Workplace Attendance Register

Under current public health advice, all Victorian workplaces are required to establish and maintain a register of every person who attends the workplace for a period of more than 15 minutes. This includes all workers (including sub-contractors) and any customers, clients or visitors permitted in the workplace (including workplace inspectors).

If an employee or visitor tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), a current and accurate workplace attendance register will allow the employer to immediately identify anyone who has been in close contact with that person within the prior 48 hours.

If you do not currently have a system in place to capture this information, a template is available on the Business Victoria website that can be adapted to your needs.

Veterinary staff working across multiple workplaces

AVA have requested advice from the Victorian government regarding an exemption for veterinary staff that work across multiple workplaces.  Once this advice has been received, it will be communicated to you.

Worker Permits

Employees working in permitted industries who cannot work from home will be required to have a new ‘Worker Permit’ when travelling to and from work.  From 11:59pm Wednesday 5 August, employers will be required to issue signed permits to their employees to allow them to attend a workplace.

Each employee required to be on site must receive an individual worker permit with the required details.

Employers must:

  1. Download the template from this page and fill it out.
    • Employers must use this template for all worker permits issued under this scheme.
  2. Sign the worker permit. You can print and sign or sign it electronically.
    • Businesses must get an authorised person to sign the worker permit. This person might be the CEO, a HR manager, an operations manager or anyone else that is suitable.
    • They must be accountable for the details they provide.
    • They may be contacted by Victoria Police or other enforcement agencies to confirm the details.
  3. Ask the employee to sign the worker permit. They can print and sign or sign electronically.
    • You can email or text the worker permit to your employee.
    •  An employee may travel to work without a worker permit once to get their first permit.

You can access further information and download a permit via the below button.  Please note due to extraordinary volume of people attempting to access the permit website, there may be intermittent availability to access information. Please continue to check this for updates.

Any queries you may have can be directed to AVA member services on 1300 137 309 or email and we will do our best obtain a response for you from the appropriate authority.