Sponsorship & Exhibition T & Cs


Conference Sponsors/Exhibitors - Terms & Conditions

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Collateral Guidelines 

We believe this is great opportunity for the AVA and our valued industry partners to demonstrate a partnership that promotes healthy dogs and contributes to a positive animal welfare outcome. Find out more here

Money matters

Conditions of sponsorship and exhibition payments can be found here

Sponsorship and Exhibition Conditions

The size and location of all logos included in conference collateral, on the conference website or conference signage will be at the discretion of the Conference Secretariat and will reflect the level of commercial support given.

Registered products

There is to be no sale or promotion of products or services that conflict with AVA policy. Nor is there to be sale or promotion of any unregistered products unless an application for registration has been lodged with the APVMA and it is stated on the promotional material that the product is not registered, and an application has been lodged. The conference organisers have the right to remove any products from display that they feel are inappropriate without penalty. 

Competing  Products and Services - Clause 41

The AVA reserves the right to refuse to enter into a contract, or to restrict the activity of a sponsor, exhibitor or advertiser, when in the view of the AVA the product, exhibits, images or advertising content will:

  • Not comply with AVA policies and values
  • Not comply with the relevant Australian Standards or legislation
  • Contravene contractual relationships with commercial partners that we are legally bound to including Credit card providers, Health/Professional Indemnity, Business Insurance and On-Line Vet Bookings
  • Directly promote membership of a competing veterinary membership association to AVA members and potential members

Privacy Policy

The Australian Veterinary Association Ltd (AVA) supports good privacy practice, and aims to manage personal information in an open and transparent way. Our policy sets out how the AVA aims to comply with the Privacy Act 1998 (Act) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APP's) which came into force on

12 March 2014. View AVA Privacy Policy or visit https://www.ava.com.au/privacy-policy/. The AVA takes photos of this event. By attending you give AVA permission to use images taken at the conference, as well as any written comments on our evaluation forms in our communications.