Retired vets luncheon - Victorian division


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Helminth Immunity by Antigen Inoculation and Parasite Control Host stimulation of immunity to helminth parasites has traditionally involved controlled exposure of the host to whole or modified living parasites. Hydatid disease (E. granulosis) and pork measles (T. solium) cause serious disease in humans in many African and Asian countries. The University of Melbourne’s Veterinary School has been working to develop antigen vaccines to control human exposure from these cestode infestations by the vaccination of intermediate hosts to break the life cycle of the parasite. Vaccines that are now internationally registered are being used to control human exposure to infestation in intermediate hosts in African and Asian countries. Professor Lightowlers will outline how the vaccines were developed and their field performance. This is an important and fascinating breakthrough in our control of helminth parasites.

Directions and access:

Secure car-parking at Graduate House is at no cost for people in cars attending listed functions such as the Retired Veterinarians Luncheon. Due to Metro Train Tunnelling and partial closure of Grattan Street, the approach to the Graduate House car park needs to be from Bouverie and Church Streets. Once at the car park entrance, contact the reception desk over the intercom stating that you are attending the Retired Veterinarians’ Luncheon. The roller door will then be raised for ramp access to a number of floors for parking, as well as back entry into Graduate House. Take the lift or stairs down to the House conference areas and look for the room labelled ‘Retired Veterinarians Luncheon’. For those attending on foot front access to the building is from Leicester Street. Wheelchair access is from Leicester Street.

For further information please contact Jenny Cumming.

Retired vets luncheon - Victorian division

Start: 26 June 2019, 12:00PM
End: 26 June 2019, 2:00PM
Registration closes on 24 June 2019
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Jenny Cumming