Hill’s global symposium 2019: Harnessing the power of the microbiome


Hill’s Global Symposium 2019 took place in Toronto, Canada, July 14-15, 2019 and was an exciting event, with lots of great discussions about the latest science of the microbiome, trends in client communication, tips and hints on social media, and of course, the latest news about nutrition. All the lecture recordings are available ‘on demand’ to watch at your convenience! Don’t miss this great continuing education opportunity.

Who should attend

Vets and Vet Nurses

Learning outcome

The scientific agenda will be covering latest developments, research and knowledge in the area of canine, feline and human microbiota.  The featured two-day scientific program is free for veterinary and medical professionals.

Check out the recorded lectures ‘on demand’ at www.hillsglobalsymposium.com.

To learn more about Hill’s nutritional philosophy on the gut microbiome, please visit us at www.hillspet.com/microbiome.

Further details


We have a number of exciting world-class speakers and leaders in the field of microbiome lined up, along with veterinary scientists, academicians and veterinary professionals from all over the world, including Australia and New Zealand.


This event is free.

Hill’s global symposium 2019: Harnessing the power of the microbiome

Start: 14 July 2019, 8:00AM
End: 30 June 2020, 6:00PM
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