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Muscle strains and tears are the most common musculoskeletal injury in humans and sporting dogs but are underdiagnosed and underappreciated. Learn the fundamentals of muscle injuries including their diagnosis, management and prognosis.

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Dr Naomi Boyd
Dr Naomi Boyd worked as a musculoskeletal and sporting physiotherapist in her previous life, before becoming a veterinarian. As she moved into working with dogs and cats, she was surprised at the lack of discussion and literature around soft tissue injuries in our veterinary patients and saw a huge potential to improve their mobility and outcomes after injury. Naomi currently practises as the Sports Medicine veterinarian at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital, Sydney and is undertaking a residency through the American College. Naomi is currently involved in research addressing canine gastrocnemius injuries and submaximal exercise tolerance in chronic disease. She enjoys teaching veterinary physiotherapy both within Australia and internationally. As human medicine increasingly moves towards valuing exercise and mobility as central to health, Naomi hopes to help the veterinary profession and owners make the same movement towards proactive healthcare.

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Muscle Injuries: The Silent Majority - Dr Naomi Boyd

Start: 29 January 2020, 8:00PM
End: 29 January 2020, 9:00PM
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