Return to work program


The Return to Work program is AVA's online self-paced learning program consisting of 5 clinical modules, 4 non-clinical modules and a practical skills guide. The program is recommended for veterinarians who wish to return to clinical practice after a career break or period of leave, or veterinarians in practice and industry who are seeking a refresher. If you would like to register in the program and you’re an existing AVA Student Member with ASAV membership please submit your registration via the Student Group member page (don’t forget to login to the website, so your eligibility to register is recognised). Getting back to work and keeping up to date is important for building self-confidence, increasing social connections, recovering from an illness or injury, and for financial reasons. Work is beneficial to mental health and overall well-being. It's a place to develop skills and enjoy a sense of purpose and identity. Returning to work is not without its challenges. Therefore, this program is designed to help you plan your return and re-enter the workforce with renewed confidence.

Who should attend

The non-clinical modules and practical skills guide are suitable for all veterinarians (AVA members and non-members), and the clinical modules are targeted at the small animal veterinarian (AVA members and non-members) only. If you are a Student Member and a member of the ASAV group, please submit your registration via the Student Group page (ensure you're logged into the website).

Learning outcome

Clinical modules

Module 1: Perform Medical and Diagnostic Techniques

Display a good understanding of general diagnostic principles, consultation procedures including vaccinations, and therapy for most diseases diagnosed.

Module 2: Provide Anaesthesia and Critical Care

Understand the effects of anaesthesia on physiology, stages of anaesthesia and recovery, use of common anaesthetic agents and pain control in animals.

Module 3: Perform Surgery

Understand various surgical techniques including common daily "routine" surgeries and soft tissue procedures.

Module 4: Undertake Clinical Pathology Testing

Understand techniques required for in house pathology testing, sample collection for external testing and interpretation of test results.

Module 5: Provide Medications and Therapeutic Interventions

Understand drug classes and mechanism of action, interactions and side effects.


Non-clinical modules

Module 1: Getting Ready: Self-Reflection and Priority Setting

In this module you will explore your reasons for returning to work, techniques for building confidence, and use simple tools to help you plan your re-entry.

Module 2: Getting Ready: Practical Actions

This module takes a deeper look at the personal preparation required to get ready to resume your career.

Module 3: Finding and Applying for Veterinary Positions

This module focuses on the practical steps for finding and applying for veterinary positions.

Module 4: Settling into Practice Life

This module explores practical tips for managing your time and priorities, setting into a new job and team and negotiating workplace conflict.


Practical Skills Guide

The practical skills guide, which is a companion to the program, encourages participants to seek supervised, practical training opportunities at a convenient clinic, and incites reflection on professional goals.

Further details

The cost to complete the entire Return to Work program, so all 9 modules, is a little over $900.00. If you wish to pick and choose specific modules, a discount will be applied for 2+ modules purchased in a single transaction. The registration process will require you to select the total number of modules you wish to enrol in and then you'll need to select each module.  You'll receive a confirmation email following your registration and approximately 24 to 48 hours following this, you'll receive another email with further instructions and a link to the relevant modules.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you would like to register in the program and you’re an existing AVA Student Member with ASAV membership please submit your registration via the Student Group member page (don’t forget to login to the website to ensure your eligibility to register is recognised).

This page on the AVA website provides more information about the program, a link to the self-assessment as well as FAQs.



Return to work program

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