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Hip dislocation is a not uncommon clinical scenario in cattle practice and can be a difficult syndrome particularly for inexperienced veterinarians. It can present as a primary condition and it is risk to any recumbent cow. In my thesis cohort I recorded it in 30/218 (14%) downer cows. Cows can present with hip dislocation in either the ambulatory or recumbent position. The dislocation can present in a variety of ways but will either be dorsal or ventral to the acetabulum. The technique to replace the hip will depend on the presentation as does the prognosis. The session will cover the normal anatomy of the hip and the positions that can occur after a dislocation. I will present the way that I deal with the syndrome showing my techniques for replacing both a dorsal and ventral dislocation. I have a section of “tricks”, which I have found useful over my career. If time allows, I will briefly describe the surgical approach to replacement but this is not from personal experience as I have only had limited experience with this approach.

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Who should attend

Cattle Veterinarians / Mixed Practitioners / Students

Learning outcome

  • Be able to determine that the hip is in its normal place
  • Be able to recognise when it is dislocated
  • Be able to differentiate between a dorsal and ventral hip dislocation
  • Learn techniques to replace dislocated hips

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Dr Phillip Poulton
Phil has been in large animal, mainly dairy cattle veterinary practice for nearly 40 years at the Gippsland Vet Group (formerly known as the Tarwin Vet Group) and was a director for some 30 years. He has always had a special interest in downer cows which led to being invited to undertake a Masters study in this field through The University of Melbourne at the request of Dairy Australia in 2011. This was extended into a PhD thesis, which he was awarded in 2015, entitled: “Examination, diagnosis, prognosis and management of the downer cow”. Phil has lectured in this field to veterinarians and farmers in a number of countries and have a recognised profile in this area. Currently, Phil works part time for GVG as an employee since retiring from the board of directors to pursue other interests of his small farm and bike riding.

Hip, hip, hooray, ….hip tricks!

Start: 1 October 2020, 8:00PM
End: 1 October 2020, 9:00PM
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