Summer Series: Masterclasses & Workshops (on-demand)


The AVA Summer Series is a new CPD event designed to fill a gap in the veterinary CPD calendar and provides a series of high quality 2 hour sessions to delve deeper and more thoroughly into a number of the big questions encountered in veterinary practice today. It is an event not to be missed and offers a flexible and on-demand virtual format!

Learning outcome

The Summer Series is a virtual event and consists of an extensive list of high-level masterclasses and Group-based workshops. Individual sessions can be purchased, or you and practices can sign up to the whole virtual event to receive all-access.

All sessions have been recorded and will be available until 26 June 2021.

The Masterclasses have been chosen to address specific topics at a high and more detailed level and will be presented by some of the best and most skilled people within our profession.

 The topics vary from:

  • Linda Fleeman presenting on The Complicated Diabetic
  • Gerry Skinner discussing the Neurological Assessment of the Rabbit
  • Martin Havlicek discussing the Intricacies of skin flaps
  • Simon Roe from North Carolina detailing the Options for managing the arthritic hip including total hip replacement
  • Jason Mouatt covering the Fracture game
  • Jacqui Ley and Kersti Seksel will be presenting a session on the ins and outs of Behaviour Psychopharmacology
  • Williana Basuki will be upgrading your Interpreting Dental Images

Further details


AVA Members

  • All access pass: masterclasses and workshops - $200
  • Individual Masterclasses - $50 each
  • Individual Workshops - $100 each


  • All access pass: masterclasses and workshops - $400
  • Individual Masterclasses - $100 each
  • Individual Workshops - $200 each

Sessions available on-demand

Masterclass: The ins and outs of importing and exporting horses to and from Australia

Masterclass: Demystifying the ECG by Brad Gavaghan & Fiona Mayers

Workshop: [Public Health] Sustainable veterinary practice: Climate change impacts & what we can do about it in veterinary practice

Masterclass: The practical use of blood gas analysis by Terry King

Masterclass: Latest in laser therapy by Laurie McCauley

Workshop: [Welfare] Dealing with animal welfare cases in general practice

Masterclass:Nothing but Canine Lymphoma - New Tricks for Treating Cancer by Kathleen O'Connell

Masterclass: Brachycephalic surgery by Phil Moses

Masterclass: Behaviour Psychopharmacology by Kersti Seksel & Jacqui Ley

Proudly sponsored by Medechat

Masterclass: IVDD in dachshunds by Phil Moses

Workshop: Partners in Sustainable Agriculture - Free of Charge

Masterclass: Interpreting dental imaging by Williana Basuki
Proudly sponsored by iM3 Pty Ltd

Masterclass: Skin flaps by Martin Havlicek

Masterclass: The complicated diabetic by Linda Fleeman
Proudly sponsored by Hill's Pet Nutrition

Masterclass: Joint & enthesial strain. Economical treatment using neural prolotherapy injections by Dr Ian Bidstrup

Masterclass: Options for managing the arthritic hip / total hip replacement by Simon Roe

Masterclass: Rabbit neurological assessment by Gerry Skinner (coming soon)

Masterclass: The fracture game by Jason Mouatt (coming soon)
Proudly sponsored by Troy Animal Healthcare

Masterclass: Mast cell neoplasia by Jessica Finlay (coming soon)

Masterclass: Where are we with cruciates in 2021 by Lucas Beierer (coming soon)
Proudly sponsored by Troy Animal Healthcare

Workshop: IDEXX - Next level Gastrointestinal diagnostics – ‘What is the Gold Standard? (coming soon)

Workshop: Veterinary workforce issues (coming soon)

Masterclass: Blood-borne infections in Australia: emerging diseases and new questions by Peter Irwin (coming soon)

Masterclass: C6 Cervical Malformations in Horses by Christine Gee (coming soon)

Workshop: The future of veterinary education in Australia (coming soon)



Summer Series: Masterclasses & Workshops (on-demand)

Start: 9 February 2021, 7:00PM
End: 24 June 2021, 9:00PM
Registration closes on 24 June 2021
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