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The Australian Greyhound Working and Sporting Dog Veterinarians (AGWSDV) Annual Conference will be held over two nights of a live streaming with a diverse array of experts. This year's program is focused on providing updates on welfare, discussions on new data from greyhound related research and additional focus on practical and take-home topics. We have stellar line up of speakers at the 2021 AGWSDV Virtual Conference and look forward to welcoming you all.

Price levels

1 Sep 2021 to 6 Apr 2022
Associate $ 98.00
Full Member $ 195.00
New Graduate $ 98.00
Non-Member $ 390.00
Student $ 98.00
Greyhound - Associate $ 98.00
Greyhound - Full Member $ 145.00
Greyhound - New Graduate $ 98.00
Greyhound - Student $ 98.00

Learning outcome

Day 1 - Tuesday October 12, from 7.00pm AEDT

Michelle Ledger will discuss the results of her Masters project into welfare considerations regarding the choice of insemination techniques.

Kasia Hunter will discuss the water consumption and race day hydration studies and the implications this has for racing and performance dogs.

Gavin Goble will discuss Greyhound Racing Victoria’s welfare ongoing reforms and safety issues.

Greg Moore will discuss Osteosarcoma in greyhounds. He will show some unusual presentations and discuss treatment options including successful cases using chemotherapy.


Day 2 - Wednesday October 13,  from 7.00pm AEDT

Rebecca Goode discusses the change of diet in a large kennel from dry and wet food to a dry only diet. The results are very significant especially for those of us who work with large kennels and retirement / adoption facilities.

John Katakasi and Chris Papantonio follow on from their papers from last year and will show us more cases where CT reveals more pathology than radiographs do, and discuss the implications for treatment plans.

Steve Fearnside will discuss laser therapy in sporting dogs. As more veterinarians and trainers purchase lasers it is important that we are well versed in what they do and how to use them.

John Newell brings the conference home with a discussion on the clinical dilemma of low back pain and hip extension pain in sporting dogs. John will give a practical approach to this problem and send us home with some great “how to treat it” concepts.

Further details


The Australian Greyhound Working and Sporting Dog Veterinarians (AGWSDV) group is a special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), the only professional organisation representing veterinarians in Australia. AGWSDV members have expertise in the health and welfare of greyhounds, and provide their expertise to owners, trainers and racing organisations.

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2021 AGWSDV Virtual Conference

Start: 12 October 2021, 7:00PM
End: 12 April 2022, 9:30PM
$ 390.00
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