UPAV Virtual Conference 2021 2 CPD Points


Due to COVID requirements we are switching things up to enable our members to still engage with quality CPD and online networking events. The conference has always been a great opportunity for networking as well as providing current information of diagnostics, therapeutics, surgery and medicine of this group of diverse pets.  This years 2021 Unusual Pet and Avian Veterinarians Virtual Conference brings together the profession with 2 hours of high quality CPD and delves into the questions encountered in the veterinary practice and industry today. It is an event not to be missed and offers a flexible and on-demand virtual format. Don’t forget our student event that will link our Unusual Professionals with up and comping UPAV practitioners, and to join us for our networking event “Unusual Trivia”! Talks will be available on-demand for 6 months following the live presentations.

Price levels

14 Sep 2021 to 20 May 2022
Associate $ 65.00
Full Member $ 129.00
New Graduate $ 65.00
Non-Member $ 260.00
Student $ 65.00
Unusual Pet & Avian - Associate $ 65.00
Unusual Pet & Avian - Full Member $ 99.00
Unusual Pet & Avian - New Graduate $ 65.00
Unusual Pet & Avian - Student $ 65.00

Learning outcome

UPAV 2021 Virtual Conference Talks Include:

  • Case study: MRSA in a ferret
  • Lymphoma in bearded dragons
  • Case Study: Leg fracture in an emu


Further details

The Unusual Pet and Avian Veterinarians Group
The Unusual Pet and Avian Veterinarians group promotes discussion about the medicine and surgery of pet species other than dogs and cats such as lizards, birds, turtles, frogs, native Australian mammals, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice, ferrets and even tarantulas.
As licensing laws and people’s lifestyles evolve, the choice of family pet might not be a dog or cat, but one of another dozen species. The increase in ownership of unusual pets has resulted in a corresponding need for veterinarians to feel competent with the treatment of pets not traditionally covered in the undergraduate curriculum.

UPAV Virtual Conference 2021

Start: 20 November 2021, 1:00PM
End: 20 May 2022, 4:00PM
$ 260.00
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