The 'Me First 12 Week Work/Life'style' Group Program 9 CPD Points


You are a clever, savvy, successful woman working in the veterinary industry (as a vet, nurse, office manager, technician, administrative support). You are also a working mum or carer, or plan to be - which means you have it all. Really? Scratch below the surface and you are crazy busy, time poor, stressed and guilt ridden. Was it meant to be this hard? It's time to take control of your time and design your perfect life.

Who should attend

Veterinarians, Nurses, Veterinary Technicians, Practice Managers, Clinic Staff, Students and New Graduates

Learning outcome

This program is designed to move you from:
1. Limiting Self Beliefs TO Limitless Self Confidence
2. Being Busy but not Productive TO Genuine Work/Life Balance
3. Having No Clarity about your Future TO Crystal Clear Clarity about your future

To date 65 women have completed the program, with the following results:

  • 100% of participants would recommend this program to others
  • 100% of participants rated the overall program as Excellent/Good
  • 78% estimated a 30%+ improvement on their ability to articulate their brand
  • 37.5% estimated a 50%+ improvement on their ability to articulate their brand
  • 34% estimated a productivity improvement of 40%+
  • 59% estimated a productivity improvement of 30%+
  • 47% estimated an improvement on their ability to set goals of 50%+
  • 62.5% estimated an improvement on their ability to set goals of 30%+

The Program is best summed up by a recent graduate: "The course far exceeded my expectations. It delivered not only the skills aspect, but the understanding and confidence that goes with greater wisdom. Kate has provided us with the permission and tools to focus on ourselves, identify the core values and goals that frame who we are and to be more effective in our current and future roles. Kate has provided clarity of thought and given us so much confidence, that we have grown immensely individually and as a group. Tory Lane".

Further details

Course Dates:

Commences: 9 November 2021 through to 14 December 2021; break for Christmas

Recommences: 18 January 2022 through to 22 February 2022. 

  • Module One - Lifestyle Limitations: Understand the 13 key limiting self beliefs that hold you back
  • Module Two - Lifestyle Challenge: Learn the strategies to challenge these limiting beliefs once and for all and craft your personal Brand
  • Module Three - Lifestyle Audit: Learn the 5 Steps you can take to find 30+ hours of lost time every month to maximise your productivity
  • Module Four - Lifestyle Strategies: Learn the Key Strategies you can implement for immediate time back and how to sustain these results
  • Module Five - Lifestyle Clarity: gain absolute clarity over your Values and your Vision for your future of work and life"style"
  • Module Six - Lifestyle Curation: gain absolute clarity over your 1 year goals and your 5 year goals.

If you have any questions about the workshop please contact Kate Christie at Time Stylers 



Ms Kate Christie
Kate Christie, Founder & CEO of Time Stylers is a time management and productivity specialist; global Speaker; Consultant and the best selling Author of four books including ‘Me First: The Guilt-free Guide to Prioritising You’. Kate consults to big and small business, government departments, educators, not for profits and C suite executives on maximising individual time spend and managing organisational drag through smart time investment strategies. She has appeared on television, radio and in print as a leading commentator on productivity, time management and maximising work/ life integration to ensure your success across work, family, community, and life. With a reputation for helping her clients find 30 hours of lost time a month, Kate’s focus is to ensure you are left educated, entertained and with a lasting impact on the way you choose to live, work and play.

The 'Me First 12 Week Work/Life'style' Group Program

Start: 9 November 2021, 7:00PM
End: 22 February 2022, 8:00PM
Registration closes on 05 November 2021
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Kate Christie