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Emotional intelligence can be trained at any age and career stage. All that we need to improve wellbeing in a veterinary clinic is already within us, it just requires more attention, amplification and practice. Veterinary professionals and leaders - all of us can train to become more human-savvy, and, ultimately, healthier and happier. This is a preview of Liv’s talk that is coming up at our THRIVE Veterinary Wellness Symposium on Sunday the 28th of May in Adelaide.

Who should attend

Veterinarians/Vet team members/Practice Managers/

Learning outcome

  • learn about 10 “must haves” of a thriving and emotionally resilient veterinary team
  • dive into the science of emotional intelligence and its impact on team wellbeing
  • discover the first steps that you can take to enhance emotional intelligence and wellbeing of your team

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THRIVE is an industry-led veterinary wellness initiative that aims to support veterinarians and veterinary staff to lead satisfying, prosperous and healthy careers.


Dr Olivia Oginska
Liv graduated in 2016 from the university Poland and shortly after graduation moved to the United Kingdom to undergo surgical training. During her career development, Liv was exposed to various workplace environments and worked with veterinary professionals of diverse backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. Along the years of her professional training, Liv has been mentoring and providing mental health support to her colleagues. The passion for veterinary wellbeing led her to undertaking the Masters degree programme in Applied Positive Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University, UK, where Liv received the emotional intelligence coaching and appreciative inquiry training credentials. Based on several years of veterinary and peer-support experience, combined with Positive Psychology training, Liv created the Vet Gone Real platform, through which multiple individuals and veterinary teams receive EQ coaching and workplace culture training. Liv is deeply passionate about the veterinary workplace wellbeing, emotional intelligence, psychological safety, quality improvement and creating tools that help veterinary practitioners to thrive in their career and personal life. Liv presented her innovative approach to shaping human-savvy leaders and building human-friendly veterinary workplaces on the international congresses and she puts her teachings into practice through serving veterinary teams as their Clinical Wellbeing Coach. She is also a certified workplace conflict mediator and consults veterinary leaders on the difficult interpersonal situation in the workplace. https://www.vetgonereal.com and Training for leaders: https://www.vetgonereal.com/copy-of-vet-leaders-teams


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On-Demand | THRIVE Webinar - Enhancing team wellbeing through the power of emotional intelligence

Start: 24 May 2023, 10:30AM
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