2025 International Sheep Veterinary Congress


The International Sheep Veterinary Association and Australian Veterinary Association are proud to collaborate on the 11th International Sheep Veterinary Congress in Wollongong, Australia!

Learning outcome

2025 marks 28 years since the International Sheep Veterinary Congress was last held in Australia, so this Congress provides the opportunity for a new generation of sheep veterinarians to engage with world leading researchers in the field, and experience extensive sheep production systems. Australia has the second largest sheep flock in the world.

Australian sheep veterinarians have achieved many notable, historical successes, such as eradicating sheep scab, scrapie and FMD, developing the first anthrax vaccine, as well as the pioneering work with footrot, trace mineral nutrition and in parasitology, especially with nematodiasis, cutaneous myiasis and pediculosis (body lice).

The Congress theme is: 'HEALTHY SHEEP TO FEED AND CLOTHE THE WORLD', reflecting Australia's position as the world's largest exporting nation of sheep meat and wool, and the high health status of the Australian sheep flock.

View the ISVC 2025 promotional video here.

Many thanks to Destination Wollongong for their support.

Further details

Australian Sheep, Camelid and Goat Veterinarians (SCGV) is a special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) that brings together veterinarians with an interest in ovine health, welfare and production. The group also aims to promote the professional development of sheep, camelid and goat veterinarians and to to raise the standards of sheep, camelid and goat veterinary practice. The group is devoted to improving the health, welfare and productivity of the sheep, camelid, and goat industries within Australia.

We currently have approximately 430 members representing all regions of Australia. Members comprise veterinarians from private practice and consultancies, government (both state and federal), research organisations, local government, chemical companies and sheep producers.

2025 International Sheep Veterinary Congress

Start: 10 March 2025, 8:00AM
End: 14 March 2025, 5:00PM
Registration closes on 10 March 2025
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Andrew Hastings