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Program FAQs

The flexible and online EOC Program includes the following, which you’ll have access to following registration:

Part 1

Part 1 - Two pre-survey questionnaires. One is for the ‘Manager’ who is participating in the program and the other is for ‘Employees’.

  • a. Manager – the survey is online and contains 30 questions. You will be required to rate the questions based on the priorities at your practice. The survey will recommend the strategies that you should focus on based on your responses.
  • b. Employees – this survey is setup and conducted within the practice using the template provided as part of the EOC Program. The aim of this survey is to secure feedback directly from your employees about their level of job satisfaction. Each employee is invited to participate in the survey by providing a rating against 56 statements – which correlate to the EOC strategies. The results will provide valuable feedback from your employees about which EOC strategies in the program you should focus on.

Part 2

Online module – the online module contains 30 strategies, packed with interactive activities, take away tasks, case-studies of what to do – and what not to do, a strategy summary and (optional) reflection questions – just to make sure that you understand the key issues being communicated in each strategy.

Resources – you will also have access to a printable workbook and a number of forms and templates that you can use on an ongoing basis in your practice.

The EOC Program (stage 1) is available to AVA Members as part of AVA’s member benefits.

For accreditation costs, please refer to the FAQ ‘How much will EOC Accreditation cost?’

The EOC Program is currently open for registration by AVA Members only. For more information about becoming an AVA Member please visit this page or contact our Member Services team.

Once you are enrolled, you will access the program via My Learning, AVA’s Learning Management System. Instructions on how to access the program will be emailed to you following registration.

The EOC Program is online, completely flexible and entirely on-demand. This means you can access the program from any device and at any time, with an internet connection.

There is also no set timeframe to complete the program, as long as you remain an AVA Member.

There are no deadlines to begin or complete the program, as long as you remain an AVA Member.

An average of two to four hours may be required to complete a Strategy and the reflection questions, however we recognise everyone learns at a different pace, so spend as much or as little time as you need to become competent with the learning outcomes.

The EOC Program is eligible for CPD. The amount of CPD depends on your learning approach. Why? Each strategy within the online module is followed by an optional reflection exercise, with each exercise containing 5 questions.

  • If you complete the reflection exercises, your learning will be classified as structured (1 point:1 hour).
  • If you choose not to complete the reflection exercises your learning will be classified as unstructured (1 point:2 hours).

Refer to the following table:



(reflection exercise/s completed)


(reflection exercise/s not completed)

All 30 Strategies Completed

60 CPD

30 CPD

Single Strategy Completed *



* If multiple strategies are completed, multiply the relevant CPD (structured or unstructured) by the number of strategies completed.

AVA Members are encouraged to record their hours in My CPD via My AVA on the AVA website. Access to an AVA Employer of Choice – Checklist will be provided upon registration which will enable you to track your progress and will assist with CPD allocation. For more information about CPD please refer to the VetEd Points table on this page.

Each EOC strategy is accompanied by an optional ‘reflection exercise’. Each reflection exercise contains 5 questions, including question types such as true/false, multiple choice, matching answers, etc. ‘Optional’ means, it’s up to you whether you wish to participate. Completion of the Reflection Questions is encouraged as it provides an opportunity to reflect on your learning and ensure that you have understood the key learning outcomes and activities in the strategy. Plus, completing the reflection questions means your learning will be classified as structured CPD. Your grade will be provided immediately following the submission of each reflection exercise.

Whilst 80% is encouraged per reflection exercise, you do not need to achieve this prior to continuing with your learning. It is suggested to review the comments provided upon submission of each question and refer back to the strategy resources if required before moving on to the next Strategy.

An accompanying and optional AVA EOC Accreditation is planned for stage 2 rollout in the second half of 2021.


In the meantime, practices are encouraged to commence the EOC Program (stage 1, available September 2020) by:

  1. Registering in the EOC Program via the Education and Events page on the AVA Website
  2. Conducting the surveys
  3. Completing the online learning; and
  4. Implementing the strategies in the EOC Program as described.


The EOC Program is an initiative that the AVA have undertaken with AVA’s HR Advisory Service, developed from the results of the last workforce survey.

The program content will be reviewed by the AVA HR Advisory Service annually to ensure it reflects industry best-practice and veterinary work practices.

The AVA EOC Program is fully supported by the AVA HR Advisory Service. Please call the friendly team at the AVA HR Advisory Service on:

Accreditation FAQs

EOC Accreditation is an external review of the HR practices that are designed to improve recruitment and staff retention in a veterinary practice. It is a recognised evaluation process used to assess and improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of staffing strategies in veterinary practice.

Accreditation is also a way to publicly recognise that a veterinary practice has met national employment quality standards.

The EOC Accreditation is planned for Stage 2 rollout in the second half of 2021. In the meantime, practices are encouraged to commence the EOC Program by:

    1. Registering in the EOC Program via the Education and Events page on the AVA Website
    2. Conducting the surveys
    3. Completing the online learning, and
    4. Implementing the strategies in the EOC Program as described.

The EOC Accreditation provides a framework through set criteria to meet specific employment standards. The employment standards have been developed by the AVA HR Advisory service specifically for veterinary practices. The granting of EOC Accreditation is the result of an independent, peer review of performance against those standards. The EOC Program and EOC Accreditation comprises of the following six steps:

    1. Registration
    2. Surveys
    3. Online learning
    4. Implementation
    5. Accreditation via performance verification, and 
    6. Reaccreditation

As a guide, the following will be assessed:

a. A review of practice HR documentation, including HR policies and procedures, WHS policies and procedures; job descriptions, employment contracts and employment records.

b. Completion and compliance with the following AVA HR resources:

i. HR Health Check-up No. 1 – Fair Work Act compliance

ii. HR Health Check-up No. 2 – Correct Payment Resource (compliance with the Animal Care & Veterinary Services Award 2020)

iii. HR Health Check-up No. 3 – Work Health & Safety compliance

iv. Improvement in the Staffing Metrics – as outlined in Strategy No. 19: Numbers.

v. Completion of the AVA Mental Health First Aid course

vi. Implementation of the AVA Graduate Mentoring program

vii. Enrolment in the Diploma of Leadership & Management online course - delivered by the Animal Industries Resource Centre and offered in conjunction with the Veterinary Business Group (VBG).

c. An assessment of staff surveys and other staff feedback

d. As assessment of relevant HR KPIs

e. Interviews with Principals and staff via Zoom


Cost (ex GST)

Education (stage 1)

Free and available to AVA Members only





Repeat practice review*


Intensive coaching program


* Refer FAQ ‘What happens when a practice doesn’t meet an HR standard(s)?

It is the role of the veterinary practice to have a structure in place to monitor and correct poor HR performance. The HR Advisory Service Portal and the EOC Program provides information that facilitates the identification and/or correction of poor HR performance.

All practices are required to meet all the standards in the EOC Program they are being accredited to. For those standards they fail to meet, practices are provided a period of remediation after which they are reassessed.

If the standards continue to be unmet, then further remediation will be recommended followed by a Repeat Practice Review. The period of remediation differs according to which standards are being assessed.

The accreditation process is completed off-site.

Similar to the EOC Program, the EOC Accreditation is voluntary.

The practice manager/practice principal will be eligible to participate in the EOC Accreditation and the EOC Program is open for registration by AVA members only.

The AVA will publish the results (i.e. ‘accredited’) of our member’s EOC Accreditation on platforms such as the AVA website, Career Connect, Vet Voice / Find a Vet. We will not publish the individual, detailed reports. Annually AVA will celebrate all Employer of Choice accredited practices in some way to encourage more participation and will be incorporated in AVA’s annual awards program.

The accreditation will be of 2 years duration from the date of accreditation. For those practices interested in reaccreditation, that process will commence 6 months prior to the expiry of the accreditation period.

Due to the fast pace of change in veterinary practice and specifically employment practices and conditions, a 2 year accreditation period is considered appropriate for this program.

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