Apply for VetEd approval

Please ensure you have the following information before commencing your application:

  • Full details of activity including start date, end date, venue address
  • How many VetEd points you are applying for (read the FAQ for guidance on how many VetEd points to apply for)
  • Details of the content of the activity
  • A blurb about the activity to be placed on the AVA website
  • Ethics approval certificate if using live animals
  • Presenter’s details including qualifications (attachments not required at this stage)

Details of the provider

Continuing education activity

I confirm:
Will there be any commerical promotion of products or services?
If you are using live animals, have you received an Ethics Approval Certificate?
If you are using a live horse, has the horse received the Hendra Vaccination?
If you are using cadavers, have the animals been ethically sourced?

Presenter details

I confirm:

Record-keeping of attendees

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VetEd approval application fees

Education & events

Professional development opportunities & networking events.

Have you read the FAQs?

Make sure you've read the information and FAQs before submitting your program for approval.