EVA produces a range of publications for members including The Australian Equine Veterinarian, examination certificates, Bain Fallon Proceedings, client brochures, eNews and e-Library on SciQuest.

The Australian Equine Veterinarian

The Australian Equine Veterinarian is one of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals in the Southern Hemisphere, presenting clinical papers, case reports and other material of interest to equine practitioners, as well as news and industry notices.

The journal is published and mailed to EVA Members quarterly, and online access is available through the AVA VetEd Library.  Non-members and institutions in Australia and overseas such as universities and libraries can subscribe to online access of the journal.


EVA eNews is an electronic newsletter that is sent to our members fortnightly and at other times when the need arises.  It is packed with the latest news and aims to provide members with relevant information as quickly as possible.

To receive EVA eNews you will need to become a member of EVA.  Members can also access eNews archives here.

Vet Ed library

The AVA Vet Ed Library provides EVA Members with access to AVA Annual Conference Proceedings, and a range of other scientific material published by AVA’s other Special Interest Groups.  The Vet Ed Library also contains full archives of the Bain Fallon Memorial Lectures and The Australian Equine Veterinarian.

EVA Insurance Certificates

The following certificate books are available as an EVA Member benefit, for use in the field and within the practice. These forms are regularly reviewed to ensure currency, and have been approved by bloodstock insurers.

  • Pre-Purchase Examination Certificate ($25.00)
  • Adult Mortality Insurance ($15.00)
  • Foal Mortality Insurance ($15.00)
  • Examination for Pregnancy Certificate ($15.00)
  • Equine Dental Examination Certificate ($15.00)
  • Broodmare for Sale Examination Certificate ($15.00)

To purchase any of the certificate books listed above, please fill out the EVA Merchandise Order Form (members only) and either email to, or fax to (02) 9437 9068.


Protection of our veterinarians in the field is key focus of the EVA. The videos Suit up and PPE for equine veterinarians were created as informative tools for vets in the field to ensure they are appropriately protected.

For information on biosecurity practices, guidelines and procedures please go to the EVA biosecurity page.


Guidelines pre-sales video endoscopy of the Laryngopharynx

Client Brochures

EVA's client brochures are one of our most popular publications. They are a ready made education resource for members to provide to their clients. The following brochures are currently available:

  • Colic
  • Dentistry
  • Dental Equipment
  • Emergency Care
  • FAQs on the Cost of Vet Care for your Horse **NEW**
  • Foaling
  • Feeding the "Good Doer"
  • Lameness
  • Laminitis
  • Pre-Purchase Examinations
  • Preventing Snake Bites **NEW**
  • Skin Allergies
  • Strangles
  • Why Your Vet Should Be An EVA Member
  • Worming
  • Wounds

These brochures are available to EVA Members in packs of 50 for $15.00.

To purchase any of the client brochures listed above, please fill out the EVA Merchandise Order Form (members only) and either email to, or fax to (02) 9437 9068.

Branded Emergency Care Posters for your Clients

In addition to our client brochure range, EVA has produced a comprehensive emergency care poster with all the important information for horse owners to have on hand, including emergency contact details, and helpful hints on surviving the disaster season in your area.

We are offering a personalised version of the poster free to current financial EVA members, complete with your practice’s contact details and logo. You will be provided with the artwork file and printing specifications, allowing you to print as many copies as you need.

For more information, please email


Video demonstration of beta phase of EVA App Suite

Adult Mortality Certificate 

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