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As a member of Australia’s peak professional association of the veterinary profession, you become part of an extensive network of like-minded professionals across the country and gain access to continuing professional development, thousands of resources and ongoing opportunities to be represented on state and federal issues that matter to you.

With leading continuing professional development, exclusive discounts and benefits, an extensive online library and a large collegial network, membership to your professional association is key to ensuring you have a successful working career – at any stage of your professional life.

The AVA has thousands of resources you need for a successful career and business, and the AVA’s 19 Groups and continuing professional development help you stay current as well as meet your registration requirements.

Become a member of the Australian Veterinary Association and be one of the thousands of fellow veterinary professionals represented by their peak professional association.


How are you supported throughout your career?

Practice employee

We help you stay on top of the latest veterinary knowledge while helping you achieve success in your career.


You're the next generation of veterinarians and we're here to support you at every step.

New graduate

Kick start your veterinary career with access to online resources, HR advisers and mentoring programs.

Government & industry veterinarian

We can make your voice heard and bring you to the forefront of veterinary science.

Overseas veterinarian

Stay in touch with your profession with the great value of an overseas membership.

Researcher or teacher

We're actively involved in advocacy and workforce policy, helping to shape the profession's future.

Retired veterinarian

Stay in touch with your profession and enjoy a concessional membership fee.

Practice owner

We'll support you with the tools to help you position your business at the forefront of veterinary practice.