AVA Other resources


Crisis resources (floods)

Getting help, offering assistance and resources to help during unprecedented natural disasters and crisis.

COVID-19 information

Latest information for vets regarding COVID-19.

PetFAST reporting

Lodge an online report if you suspect a pet food associated adverse event in a dog or cat.

Veterinary boards, health departments & requirements

A complete list of the veterinary boards and health departments in each state and territory.

Legislative and regulatory environment for veterinary professionals

Veterinary professionals should be familiar with the legislative and regulatory environment they operate in.

Prescribing guidelines

Prescribing, authorising or dispensing substances carries significant responsibilities.

International veterinary associations & organisations

Lists of veterinary associations based internationally including the Asia-Pacific region.

Veterinary personal biosecurity & PPE

Comprehensive resources for veterinarians on infection control, PPE and dealing with high risk situations.

Natural disasters

Animals are often caught up in disasters, so veterinarians have an important role in disaster response.

Fighting antimicrobial resistance

Resources to help you understand how veterinarians and the AVA are helping in the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

Love is Blind resources

Advice and resources for veterinarians on treating brachycephalic patients.

Behaviour resources for veterinarians

Factsheets you can use in your practice to promote pet behavioural information.

Baits containing PAPP released for wild dog, fox and feral cat management

PAPP is considered to be a humane toxin, and has the potential to replace 1080 use in many situations.

FAQs for the veterinarian

From your obligations to provide prescriptions, to dealing with complaints and more.

Calicivirus vaccination of rabbits

Calicivirus - vaccination of rabbits