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The  flood events in QLD and NSW, and more recently VIC, are severely impacting affected communities. The AVA is closely monitoring the situation and is getting in touch with members and clinics in highly affected areas.

For more information about the AVA's Disaster Response, click here.

Members can contact the AVA here.

State government flood response websites:

Should you need urgent assistance, first call your local emergency response authorities. 

Disaster assistance


NSW Government 1800 814 647 emergency hotline number has been established to request assistance with:

  • Animal assessment and veterinary assistance;
  • Stock euthanasia and burial;
  • Emergency fodder (up to 3 days supply);
  • Emergency stock water;
  • Livestock feeding and management advice;
  • Care of animals in evacuation centres.

Members of the community should also call the emergency hotline number if they come across stranded, lost, injured or dead livestock, so that AASFA can arrange to attend to these animals.

Follow this link for flood and storm assistance for primary producers. The NSW Government is also asking that primary producedrs use the following survey to assist in the accurate assessment of the disaster.

Individuals and councils impacted by the flood events unfolding in NSW can now access the first tranche of NSW Government support through Service NSW - further information.

Other key NSW links:



Government details and assitance can be found on the Queensland Government website

Biosecurity Queensland have asked that people be aware of soil-borne diseases and of any animals acting strangely as we move through the recovery phase. As severe rain continues across South East Queensland, the QLD Government is encouraging primary producers to fill in their online Natural Disaster Impact Survey. The survey has been developed with industry and will help assess the level of assistance required to support community recovery. Producers can also report damage to the DAF customer service centre on 13 25 23.



Victorian Emergency Hotline (1800 226 226)

This is a central line that will be direct you to the relevant agencies including animal welfare and wildlife and can be used for information, requests for assistance or to report incidents and concerns.

VIC Emergency Website (October 2022 Floods)

Please note: make sure you keep records of what has been lost or damaged – not only is this crucial for insurance matters, it also helps us keep track of the scale of losses industry-wide. We would also encourage members to keep track of any services and treatments they have provided pro bono (both time and resources).

a) Prepare and get ready: 000 and Vic Emergency App

b) Incidents and warnings: for emergencies, evacuations, watch and advice

c) Relief and recovery assistance:

  • emergency assistance: 000 or VICSES: 132500
  • flood Recovery Hotline: 1800 560 760
  • relief payments for emergency and re-establishment, disaster recovery allowance (DRA) and Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment (AGDRP)
  • list of Emergency Relief Centers

Other Government support

Financial assistance is available for people and businesses impacted by the floods 


Personal assistance



Vets Beyond Borders' Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team (AVERT) has been activated in a number of locations to respond to the current flooding crisis. As this is an evolving situation, they calling on our network of vets and vet nurses to register or update their details via their online AVERT database.

Help veterinarians impacted by the crisis

If you know of anyone who has been impacted please let us know through the Member Hotline - or 1300 137 309. Donations to help affected members can be made through the AVA Benevolent Fund.

The AVA accepts financial donations through the Benevolent Fund. We understand that many clinics that are not affected by the disaster are keen to reach out to assist in practical ways by offering to donate items, since many of our colleagues would have lost supplies as a result of the floods. Past experience with goods in kind donations indicates that a significant portion of donated materials are disposed of and unused. Logistics and transportation also consumes a large amount of overheads. We appreciate the good intentions of donors and encourage financial contributions which ultimately allow more flexibility for designation where the need is most severe.

Where direct relationships exist between clinics and equipment is available for donation or loan, then we encourage clinics to reach out to each other directly.

Resources for businesses:


Cattle resources:


Equine resources:


Sheep, Camelid, and Goat resources:


Shown here are the webinar recordings from 2023's EVA Fire, Flood and Emergency Rescue Workshop, held in Melbourne.

On behalf of the entire team at the Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA), we would like to express our deepest gratitude for the generous donation from AAEP, this financial support was instrumental in assisting EVA and the Animal Emergency Incident Management Network (AEIMN) to provide this Fire, Flood and Emergency Rescue Workshop.  We would also like to thank the University of Melbourne, Prof Josh Slater for providing the facility to hold the workshop, Anthony Hatch and David King for providing the animal mannequins and rescue guides and Drs Christine Smith, Edwina Wilkes, Oliver Liyou, Bruno Ros and Major Kendal Crocker to providing invaluable insight and personal experience with animal rescue.



Fire and horses | Dr Edwina Wilkes:


Large animal rescue operations | Anthony Hatch & David King | Part 1:


Large animal rescue operations | Anthony Hatch & David King | Part 2:


Large animal rescue operations | Anthony Hatch & David King | Part 3:


Experiences Northern Rivers flooding | Dr Oliver Liyou | Part 1:


Experiences Northern Rivers flooding | Dr Oliver Liyou | Part 2:


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