Veterinary boards, health departments & requirements


To practice as a veterinarian in Australia, you need a veterinary degree that meets the criteria of your state registration board. Each state and territory has a registration board, and you need to be registered in the state where you intend to work. 

Veterinary boards and state health departments

Radiation licence

To use x-ray equipment, you will need a licence from your state regulation body. Licences are issued by either your state department of health or department for the environment.


In New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, you are required to have your own authorised microchip implanter number.


Graduates who are in their first two years from their undergraduate studies are eligible for free Guild insurance with the AVA Public Practitioners Master Policy.

The legislative environment

It is important that veterinary professionals are familiar with the legislative environment they operate in.

Veterinary jobs all in one place

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