PetFAST Report


You should read the checklist for veterinarians before lodging a report to make sure you have the information we need to identify possible connections between cases.

The information you provide will be emailed to you after you submit your report. We will forward a copy of your report to the product manufacturer where possible, and they may contact you for further information. You can let us know in your report if you prefer that your contact details are not forwarded to the manufacturer. The rest of your report will still be forwarded.

Only veterinarians can use this system. Pet owners suspecting a problem with pet food or treats need to request a consultation with their veterinarian and submission of a veterinary report if they think an adverse event has occurred.


PetFAST Report

Veterinarian details

Do you give permission for your contact details to be forwarded to the product manufacturer where possible?

Patient Details

Patient Species
Age in years, months or weeks
Sex of patient

Suspected food products

Have you contacted the product manufacturer?

Suspect pet food source

Date labelling
Date labelling
Date labelling
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Checklist for veterinarians

What you should do and the information you will need if you suspect a pet food associated adverse event.


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