VetEd Talks from veterinarians


The AVA VetEd Talks are a series of talks where veterinarians present 10 minute inspiring and innovative ideas that have brought a positive impact to the veterinary profession and demonstrate their passion. 


View the VetEd Talks below from the 2019 AVA Annual Conference


Who are you kidding? Imposter syndrome in the veterinary profession (Awarded People's Choice)

Jacqueline Brew

Imposter syndrome is common among veterinarians, and I believe this can stem from the immense pressure to prove oneself to gain a spot in vet school. But what can we do about it? Talking to our peers a colleagues can be a simple and effective way to reduce the pressure on ourselves and each other, and gain perspective on unrealistic thoughts about our abilities. I want to talk about my experiences solo hiking in remote places and how I relate self doubts experienced in the wildness to self doubts that plague vets and vet students. 

Trust: yourself, data and others

Nigel Perkins

Charitable capers as a veterinarian

Charles El-hage

Voluntary work as a veterinarian isn't something that seems innately attractive given the financial demands placed on clinicians. This presentation provides some personal insights that may inspire others to volunteer their services. Sure this isn't without financial benefits but real life advantages and smiles await.

Social media harassment

Cherlene Lee

Veterinarians have far less experience with social media compared to other industries and we are not equipped with how to handle social media harassment including negative reviews.

AniPal, Creating Animal Ambassadors for Change

Stephanie Stubbe

AniPal's mission is to help our vet and animal community enhance our uptake of sustainable practices and lower our environmental impact.

Reclaiming my identity

Kate Toyer

Identity is the core element of who we are. Yet most of us rarely truly examine our identity, we sort of just try and satisfy others expectations of us. Eventually when we can't meet these expectation something has to break. Usually us. There is another way though. Being true to ourselves.

Passion in the profession - doing it all & loving the life

Kate Clayton

I have based my presentation around Passion in the Profession, with an emphasis on rural practice. I want to give people a glimpse of my life and the benefits rural mixed practice brings.

We have to talk about our data problem

Steve Joslyn

The disconnect between veterinary patients and their true medical data causes industry wide inefficiencies and significant costs. This insidious problem has affected us for a long time, but it is now important that we fix it. If we don’t, the benefits of Big data analytics, AI and Machine learning won’t apply to us, and we will continue to experience the delays that cost us dearly. It is a massive problem in human healthcare but at least they are talking about it. We need to start talking about it.


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