Love is Blind resources

Advice and resources for veterinarians on treating brachycephalic patients from the Love is Blind campaign - a joint initiative between the AVA and RSPCA.


Love is Blind is an animal health and welfare campaign between the Australian Veterinary Association and the RSPCA to raise awareness about the problems caused by exaggerated physical features such as brachycephaly, short limbs and excessive skin wrinkling.

Veterinarians treat and care for dogs of all breeds and types of needs, including those with exaggerated physical features.

The link to the main campaign page is here: Love is Blind - RSPCA

We have also compiled a collection of resources to assist veterinarians when treating for these breeds and assisting their clients (see below).

Communicating with prospective puppy owners

Checklist of the key points for veterinarians to communicate with prospective puppy owners to help them find the right pet.

Communicating with current owners

Advice for veterinarians to communicate with owners who may not be aware of the implications of their dog’s condition.

Communicating with breeders

Key issues to consider when communicating with breeders of breeds with exaggerated features.

Advice from a specialist surgeon

Adjunct Professor Philip Moses provides some words of advice for the veterinary profession.

Health problems & treatment protocols

We provide information on common health problems caused by exaggerated physical features.

Resources for clients

AVA’s Vet Voice site offers videos to explain the health and welfare issues, danger signs and more.