Veterinarians back Government move to ban prong collars on dogs

28 Oct 2022

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) has strongly endorsed the Tasmanian Government's move to ban the use of prong collars on dogs and challenges all Members of Parliament to support the amendment.

These collars are designed to inflict pain, discomfort or fear - they lead to both physical and psychological harm to the animals. 

“The use of prong collars does considerable harm to dogs and their use is completely unnecessary,” said AVA Tasmanian Division President Dr Rhianna Booth.

“Modern animal welfare science gives us better training techniques to use with our pets. These techniques are effective and support the wellbeing of our pets rather than harming them.” 

Positive reinforcement (reward-based training) has been shown to be more effective than punishment.  

The use of punishment is associated with increased problem behaviours, reduced animal welfare, and it damages the dog–owner bond.

It is already illegal to import prong collars into Australia, they are banned in Victoria, and the AVA wants to see their use banned across the country.

Tasmania is set to be the next state to ban the use of these collars as the Parliament considers the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 2022.

“The Tasmanian Parliament needs to prioritise the wellbeing of our pets and support these moves to end the use of these collars.”