Cattle export to Indonesia should be suspended until welfare ensured

Media release date: 
Wednesday, 01 June 2011

Australia’s peak veterinary organisation calls for a more extensive suspension of cattle exports to Indonesia until animal welfare standards at slaughter can be assured.

“Veterinarians were shocked and horrified by the images of the inhumane treatment of Australian livestock in Monday night’s Four Corners program,” said Dr Barry Smyth, President of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA).

“We welcome the government’s announced investigation into the current situation in Indonesia and support this commitment to evidence-based decision making on this issue.

“However, we strongly believe that the live export of all cattle to Indonesia should be suspended until the same animal welfare standards as Australia’s can be assured,” said Dr Smyth.

“This means that pre-slaughter stunning must be mandatory and the appropriate use of restraining boxes is enforced.

"Suitable facilities to handle Australian cattle must be in place in all abattoirs where the animals are processed. All workers must have the training and skills to handle Australian cattle, and slaughter them efficiently after stunning in a humane manner.

“If Australia can positively influence animal welfare standards to this degree, it would be a great achievement and a real demonstration of global leadership,” he said.

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The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is the only national association representing veterinarians in Australia. Founded in 1921, the AVA today represents 9000 members working in all areas of animal science, health and welfare.

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