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12 February 2009 Animal fire victims helped by veterinary community
30 January 2009 Dog deaths due to heat wave
30 January 2009 Weather causes rescheduling of Vets n Pets
23 January 2009 Free vet checks mean a barking good day out
22 January 2009 Managing Rover’s back to school blues
21 January 2009 The answer to dog bites is education, not banning breeds
18 December 2008 Vets welcome Beale review report
16 December 2008 Rabies in Bali a close call say vets
10 December 2008 Pet owners should stay vigilant after chicken treat recall
20 November 2008 Paws before buying Rover’s Christmas gifts
19 November 2008 Cat owners accidentally poisoning their pets
23 October 2008 Hobart conference puts the bite in veterinary care
22 October 2008 Cat owners accidentally poisoning their pets
10 October 2008 New Victorian law will help mobilise vets in emergencies
24 September 2008 Ongoing equine influenza vaccination will not work
11 September 2008 New code of practice good news for pets
02 September 2008 Vets welcome review following Hendra outbreak
02 September 2008 Vets welcome review following Hendra outbreak
01 September 2008 Different strokes for different folks
01 September 2008 Understanding unusual human and animal relationships
25 August 2008 Veterinary community honours Dr Ben Cunneen
21 August 2008 Veterinarian’s death from Hendra virus devastating
05 August 2008 Vet association helps horses under Hendra quarantine
01 August 2008 Hendra crisis continues – more research and coordination needed
28 July 2008 Chomping at the bit on the horses birthday


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