The AVA Member Gallery

Capture a moment in your career, reflect on what it is that you love about your work as a veterinarian, or veterinary student, and share it with us. Submit a photo of yourself or a colleague today!

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The AVA member gallery is an online collection of photographic images, submitted by you, our members. It is not a competition of any kind - rather it is an ongoing celebration of who we are, and what we do as veterinarians – a celebration of the amazing contributions that we make to veterinary science, every day!

Members are invited to submit an image of themselves in their workplace (or their learning environment for students), through the AVA Digest. Each fortnight, a different member’s image will be selected to be the ‘face’ of the AVA website homepage for that period. Photos may also be used across the AVA’s other communications, social media and more.

Why are we doing this?

We are all working hard, in a profession that is highly rewarding but unarguably, also highly challenging. We are a strong community of like-minded professionals – experiencing good days and bad days. It is the feeling of connection and collegiality with our peers that fosters a certain sense of reassurance – a feeling that tells us we can get through whatever the day/week throws at us because we are all in this together!

Important details about your submissions

We want to showcase images of our members ‘doing what they do’ in the many varied fields of our profession. We want you to submit images that ‘mean’ something to you. That reflect in some way (and it doesn’t have to be obvious to anyone but you!), why it is that you love being a veterinarian. If you are a small animal vet – send us an image of yourself examining an animal or performing surgery, intubating an animal, giving an injection, cuddling an animal! – anything that involves what it is that you do.

If you are a researcher – send us an image of yourself working in the lab or field. If you’re a large animal vet – send us an image of yourself pulling a calf or treating a horse with colic. This initiative is about our entire veterinary community. We want everyone to contribute – from small animal practitioners in metropolitan South Australia to large animal practitioners in outback Western Australia - from researchers and academics to specialist surgeons and government vets.

Photo specifications

Only landscape orientation photos can be used in the featured AVA homepage section, so please ensure photos you submit are in landscape orientation.

Please submit only photos where the subject is not pixelated or blurry. Using your smartphone camera is fine.


This is an opportunity for our members to share photographs of themselves and their colleagues to foster a sense of community amongst AVA members, across the many diverse fields of the veterinary profession. Every fortnight, we’ll feature a different image on our AVA website and in the AVA Digest

The photos may be used across a number of platforms including, but not limited to publications, website, email and social media. 

You can, if you have their permission to do so and they haven’t submitted it themselves - this includes group photos where multiple people are present in the photograph.

This is not a competition and there are no prizes.

You can submit as many photos as you like as long as they haven’t been submitted before.

Please feel free to reach out to or Content Manager, Kaylene Jones.

Submissions are open to AVA Members only - are you an AVA Member?
Are you submitting photos on behalf of someone else?
I understand the photos submitted may or may not be featured by The Australian Veterinary Association Ltd (AVA) on multiple platforms, in addition to the details and responses I have provided. I acknowledge that the AVA will own the Photos, including copyright in the photos. I understand that submitted photographs will not be uploaded to the AVA Member Gallery and used across other touch points if they are deemed ‘inappropriate’ for publication by the AVA - for example, if the background were to display inappropriate surgical settings ie. inadequate surgical attire/ surgical sites inadequately draped, safety of personnel or animals being compromised in any way etc. I also understand that photos that are not of suitable image quality (ie not in focus) will not be uploaded to the AVA Member Gallery or used for other purposes as listed above. I grant the AVA unrestricted right and permission to use, re-use, publish, and republish the photos in all forms of media (including printed and digital materials) for art, promotional purposes (including, but not limited to, advertising, publicity, commercial, or display use), illustration, exhibition, editorial, trade, or any other purpose whatsoever. This right applies in Australia, overseas and over the internet. I understand that I may not be informed of the specific use of the photos, and that this authorisation will continue indefinitely unless I indicate otherwise in writing. I understand that no monetary or other recompense will be made to me for supplying or using the Photos. By agreeing to this, I release the AVA from any claims relating to the use, publication or distribution of the Photos. This includes claims for breach of privacy or moral rights.