AVA Telephone Counselling Service


The service is available to AVA members, the vet professionals that work for them (who may not be members) and family members. It is available all day every day on 1300 687 327.

Stressed or worried?

If you’re having trouble dealing with something in either your personal or work lives, the free confidential telephone counselling service is here to help.

A qualified counsellor is available 24 hours to help you with relationship, stress or emotional problems. Your counsellor maintains complete confidentiality, and the freecall number does not appear on your telephone bill to ensure your privacy.

Counsellors use non-judgemental and unbiased techniques to help you work through problems. Both male and female professionals are available.

If you think one of your colleagues may be in trouble, the service can also give you sensible advice about the best way to help them.

Need help with one of these?

The AVA Telephone Counselling Service is free to AVA members and their immediate families.

On the rare occasion that all the counsellors are busy, a voicemail message from Converge International will ask you to leave a message. Converge International is the service provider appointed by the AVA, and they will return your call at the first available moment.

There are also a number of helpful fact sheets with more information.

Additional help

The Counselling Service can also provide face-to-face sessions at 90 locations around Australia. You can find out your nearest location and the costs involved with a simple phone call.

Members can also arrange a counsellor to visit their veterinary practice for post-trauma counselling or discussion after a difficult event such as the sudden death of a team member. This service is offered at a special member discount.

In need of emergency help?

Help is available at any time, day or night on Lifeline 13 11 14 and the AVA Counselling Service 1300 687 327.

More information about mental health

A comprehensive collection of resources to help with your mental health.

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