Work-life balance

Finding that elusive balance between your work and your private life is a challenge for most people, as we work longer hours, service greater levels of household debt, and seek to be successful.

Here are ten quick tips for keeping work at work and enjoying your life away from work.

  1. Keep work and home/family life separate, especially if your office is at home.
  2. Check your boundaries, and learn to say “NO” to extra demands at work.
  3. Engage in family activities, such as picnics, where work and finances are not discussed.
  4. Try meditation or yoga to help alleviate stress. Exercise is also a good stress reliever.
  5. Find something, like long walks to clear your head of work pressure. Taking regular holidays is also important.
  6. Ensure that your leisure time activities are not putting further strain on you, for example taking part in a very competitive sport.
  7. Set aside enough time to socialise with friends, especially friends who are not connected to your work in any way.
  8. Use even a small part of your salary to do something for yourself, for example a gym membership or a trip to the hair salon.
  9. Always make sure there’s something to look forward to, such as a movie on the weekend, a game of sport on the TV, and in the longer term, a family holiday.
  10. Make the most of weekends. Get out at least once every weekend and set at least one day aside for a total break from work.

How the AVA can help

Source: Converge International, provider of the AVA Telephone Counselling Service

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