New Light Therapy Produces Fast Skin Recovery For Pets

02 Jun 2022


For faster skin recovery in dogs and cats, there’s a new solution literally shining a light on dermatological pet struggles: Phovia. 

Used as an in-clinic, non-invasive light application, this new product aims to improve a pet’s quality of life by accelerating skin regeneration. 

Skin disorders account for more than 36% of veterinary issues, and for pet parents who prefer an alternative to long courses of treatment - Phovia is an ideal solution, halving the treatment time. What’s more, there’s a reduced chance of side effects due to the shorter course of treatment and a lower risk of antimicrobial resistance. 

The best part? 

It’s pain—and mess—free. 

 Manufactured by Vetoquinol, the innovative Phovia system uses a unique chromophore gel, applied to the skin. When activated by the blue light-emitting diode (LED) light from the lamp, the chromophores release polychromatic Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE). 

While most light therapy systems are limited to a single wavelength, addressing at most one level of the skin, the Phovia chromophores release FLE at multiple wavelengths, giving multiple beneficial cellular responses simultaneously. 

The resulting effects include reduced inflammation, accelerated dermal fibroblast proliferation, increased collagen synthesis, and stimulated angiogenesis—hence faster repair of damaged skin. There is also solid evidence that FLE can accelerate healing of chronic inflammatory skin conditions and acute and chronic wounds. 

What do the experts say? 

We have used Phovia for management of several cases of interdigital nodular pododermatitis complicated by MRSP (resistant bacterial) infection. Phovia was simple to use, safe and well tolerated by our patients. Phovia allowed for resolution of resistant deep pyoderma on the paws without the need for ‘last line’ antibiotics. Avoidance of these antibiotics, and myriad associated adverse effects, is a significant benefit for veterinary patients. 

Phovia is a useful addition to our arsenal for the treatment of bacterial pyoderma in the era of antibiotic resistance. The evidence-base of fluorescent biomodulation therapy is rapidly expanding in veterinary medicine and we look forward to its application in additional dermatoses.” 

Dr. Callum Bennie 
BSc(Vet), BVSc, MS, DACVD 
Board Certified Veterinary Dermatologist 

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About Vetoquinol

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In Australia, our complement of companion animal products target parasitology with Drontal and Profender, and animal behaviour with Zylkene. This year we are excited to introduce a new way to improve your patient's quality of life by accelerating skin regeneration with Phovia. 


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