AVA Policy Advisory Council – Draft Policies for Member Comment

14 Jan 2022

Have your say!

As an AVA member you have the opportunity to help shape AVA policies - these have far-reaching influence and underpin our advocacy work.

The following policies were drafted by members of Policy Advisory Council (PAC), and voted at their December Decision Point to progress to AVA member comment:

  • Disbudding of goat kids (new)
  • Desexing (surgical sterilisation) of dogs and cats (update) 
  • Medication of dogs and cats for air transport (new) 
  • Vulnerable clients in veterinary practice - animal welfare and human wellbeing (new)
  • Use of behaviour modifying collars on dogs (update)

We welcome all suggestions by AVA members. Please post your comments in the forum.

Comments close on the 11th February (4 weeks).

Remember you need to be logged in as a member to access the forums.

If you have any difficulties there, send comments directly to Melanie Latter - melanie.latter@ava.com.au

All comments will be forwarded to the respective working groups for consideration.

Thank you in advance for your participation.