The AVA Awards - Full Winners List for 2020-2022

03 Jun 2022

l-r: Dr Warwick Vale, Dr Nick Kannegieter, Sue Crampton, Dr Cathy Warbuton

The AVA Annual Conference is a time for us to recognise our members with the presentation of the AVA Awards. This year, the Awards were a little different. Having had no conferences over the past two years, there were three years worth of awards to celebrate.  

Sadly, Dr Patricia Ellis AM – who spent her life working tirelessly in support of the equine industry – passed away earlier this year. She was inducted posthumously and her husband Gary Smith was present to accept the award on her behalf. 

The full list below: 

AVA Fellows 
Dr Ian Fulton (2020) 
Dr Robert Johnson (2020) 
Dr Sam McMahon (2020) 
Dr David Middleton (2021) 
Dr Nick Kannegieter (2021) 
Dr Ken Jacobs (2022) 
Dr Patricia Ellis (2022) 

Don Kerr Student Award 
Dr Mitchell Dodds (2020) 
Amy Birch (2022) 

Gilruth Prize 
Dr Jane Axon (2020) 
Dr Kersti Seksel (2021) 
Dr Robin Gasser (2022 

Honorary Member 
Ms Sue Crampton (2021) 
Dr David R Lindsay (2022) 
Dr Pat Blackall (2022) 

Kesteven Award 
Dr Pat Boland (2020) 
Prof Colin Wilks (2021) 
Dr Charles El Hage (2022) 

Meritorious Service Award 
Dr Catherine Chicken (2020) 
Dr Cristy Secombe (2020) 
Dr Margaret Reilly (2020) 
Dr Alan Sultan (2021) 
Dr Brendan Carmel (2021) 
Dr Caitlin Horwood (2021) 
Dr Catherine Russell (2021) 
Dr Finola McConaghy (2021) 
Dr Geoff Scarlett (2021) 
Prof Joanne Devlin (2021) 
Mr John Robb (2021) 
Dr Mark Kelman (2021) 
Dr Sam Nugent (2021) 
Dr Sheridan Alffirevich (2021) 
Dr Amanda-lee Charman (2022) 
Dr Angela Offord (2022) 
Dr Edith Hampson (2022) 
Dr Holly Lewis (2022 

President’s Award 
Dr Michelle Cotton (2020) 
Dr Cathy Warbuton (2021) 
Dr Nick Sangster (2022) 

Congratulations to all the award winners! The AVA thanks you for your services to the profession.

l-r: Dr Warwick Vale, Gary Smithn accepting for Dr Patrica Ellis, Dr Ken Jacobs, Dr Nick Sangster