MV Bahijah Incident Highlights the Essential Role of Veterinarians

08 Feb 2024

Recent events involving animals onboard the MV Bahijah have clearly demonstrated the essential nature of veterinarians in protecting the health and welfare of Australia’s livestock and upholding Australia’s biosecurity status - top priorities of all involved in managing the animals onboard MV Bahijah.

The AVA has communicated to Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) that, given the role of the veterinary profession in live export and in the management of unexpected events, it is important that we are as informed as Industry as to management of the situation.

There are many opinions around live export within the membership and the profession. The AVA’s live export policy developed through a collaborative inclusive process provides clear guidance as how the AVA approaches this issue.  What is collectively agreed on is the importance of veterinary involvement in all aspects of the live export supply chain.

On the 8th of February the AVA released a media release highlighting the role veterinarians have played in the MV Bahijah incident, and the fact that the degree of veterinary presence has been called out by numerous groups, demonstrates the essential role and critical importance of veterinarians in protecting Australia’s biosecurity and animal industries.

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