Student President Report - October

01 Nov 2023

As we come to the end of another year, it pays to look back and see what has been achieved. The AVSG has had another busy year in 2023, engaging veterinary students from all across Australia. 

We started our year by welcoming new faces and catching up with our colleagues in orientation week (known to us as O-week). Taking the first step into the world of veterinary medicine is daunting at best, and our fantastic team of representatives were able to offer resources and support to many students. Resources are available through the AVSG for students from all year levels, ranging from those who’ve just joined us (such as the AVA library) , to those about to join the ‘real world’ (such as the AVA Graduate Mentoring Program). 

Throughout the year, we were proud to continue to work with our respective universities at their career fairs, rural practical days, and transition to practice talks. All of these offer an opportunity to talk with students about their future, offer guidance, and facilitate networking opportunities with veterinarians who are passionate about both veterinary medicine and supporting students. 

Finally, we encouraged students to create new connections and network with veterinarians from many spheres by promoting opportunities such as volunteering at the AVA Annual Conference, the ASAV Conference, and joining the Veterinary Business Group Summit for a day. We look forward to an exciting 2024! 

Tara Bartlett, 2023-2024 AVSG President